Author Topic: Netanyahu regime allows Hamas Muslim Nazi terrorists to win (new video)  (Read 667 times)

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Please promote this important video everywhere possible.

The program is 25 minutes this week.

Video version on Rumble:

Video version on Odysee:

Usual audio format:

For those who would like to download the file for their MP3 players or iPods, the link is provided below:

Please join and comment on our great news sites:

In English:

In Hebrew:
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When I was in elementary school, they taught us how not to have children, how the world is overpopulated and how we all came from monkeys. Of course the white population is declining as a result.

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"Cities run by progressives don't know how to police. ... Thirty cities went up last night, I went and looked at every one of them. Every one of them has a progressive Democratic mayor." Rudolph Giuliani