Author Topic: Muslims, get out! Leave for an Islamic country, says Dutch PM- Geert Wilders  (Read 687 times)

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If only we had an Israeli PM with such beitzim as Mr. Wilders!!!!

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I agree. There are literally dozens of Muslim countries will gladly accept them.
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There's no country that looks more stupid and weak and self hating than Israel. Some western countries are catching up but Israel is the coward king of self mutilation and self destruction. What's point of being a nuclear power and having the most powerful military in the Mideast when the people leading think like 10yro girls?
The exile is absolute poison. The exile breeds self hatred and also hatred for others. We are making fools of ourselves in the exile and the self hating exile mindset that governs Israel is destroying us and making us the fool among the nations.

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 Wilders, though “atheistic,” is one
 of the more outspoken and courageous
 European ‘leaders.’