Monthly Archives: October 2016

After Bashing Alicia Machado’s ‘Sex Tape,’ of Course a Trump Porn Video Surfaces!

Remember that Trump casinos were the first in the world with porn, strip clubs, and gay strip clubs and that Trump’s wife was also in lesbian porn. I should have known that when el Trumpo bashed former Miss Universe Alicia Machado for a supposed “sex tape” that he would have something just as bad or worse in his history. That’s exactly his standard […]

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Syrian Refugee U.S. Arrivals in September: 1825 Muslims, 22 Non-Muslims (1.1 Percent)

The State Department admissions for all of September of non-Muslim Syrian refugees represented only 1.1 percent of the total, with 1,825 Muslim refugees admitted, and only 22 from Yazidi and various Christian sects who are being targeted for genocide by the Islamic State in Syria. Admissions for the month of August were 3,159 Muslim and 30 non-Muslim refugees—fewer than one percent. […]

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