• Giacobo Wahlboghter

    Bs’D. This is a true first person story. On the afternoon before the assassination of Rabbi Kahane Ztzl I had been in the midtown research library in Manhattan doing some work on kiruv. I had been looking forward all day to walking the few blocks over to the hotel where the rabbi was to speak. As I got to within a couple of blocks north of the hotel and began walking South I started feeling sicker and sicker with a tremendous pressure upon me making it impossible to walk further. I tried turning around and I started feeling better. I turned around again and started feeling sicker as I continued on towards the hotel. I did this a few times and finally gave up and went home. When I turned on the radio I heard that the rabbi had been shot and was in Bellevue hospital. I went to the hospital to join the vigil of people standing outside. I repeat-it was made absolutely impossible for me to continue on to the hotel. What does this mean? I don’t know. Being someone who is very aware and sizes things up and cases things out, perhaps I could have thwarted to the assassination. Or perhaps I might have gotten myself killed. I don’t know but this is an absolutely true story.

    • I’ts just so sickening and sad that a great man who wanted to kill a billion people was killed himself. i cry and weep daily for the genocide that could have been


    • Did Donald Trump ever own the Hotel that Meir Kahane was killed at on Monday November 5, 1990

    • Giacobo , while Meir Kahane was a Great Leader and Hero , as one person pointed out online about
      “he confused his own macho words with reality; he never developed the kind of security network that he needed for his protection.” Meir Kahane should have had the same type of Security around him at all times that any President, Prime Minister or other World Leader would have

  • This is one of the most compelling segments of late. I’ve posted it on my facebook
    page to raise awareness of the opportunities to support the Hilltop Youth.

    • i also support hairy terrorists. how can i donate so the hill top youth can set palestinkan babies on fire. god praise tgh jewish people and may more palestinian babies be set on fire, cuz we’re the good guys!

  • Giacobo Wahlboghter

    If you Google “Ukrainian currency” “images”, you will find that the five unit banknote on today’s money has the picture of Khemlnytsky ym’shmo.

  • HI. how can i join your terror group and bomb buildings then call others terrorist?

  • how can i join this terror group?

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