95% of Child Rape and Molestation Convictions in the UK Were Committed by Muslims

Afghan-boy-rape-eyeshadowOf the 100 Convictions there were: 95 Muslims, 5 Non-Muslims, and 20% were named “Muhammad.”

These are the results of an investigation into “Child Grooming” (Child Rape and Molestation) in the UK.

The Times identified 17 cases in which men groomed girls they met on the street. Most of the offenders were of Pakistani origin and most of the victims were white November

1997: Leeds

Mohammed Naim Rashid, 21: kidnap, rape, indecent assault, actual bodily harm. Seven years. Abid Hussain Sadique, 21: kidnap, rape. Four years. Leeds Crown Court.

Police uncover ring of private-hire drivers grooming girls as young as 12, using them for sex in room above taxi office and taking them to other towns. 23 arrests, 20 victims. Five charged. Delwar Hussain, 24: two counts of indecent assault. 15 months.

November 2003 & February 2005: Keighley

Shabir Ahmed, 32: indecent assault. 30 months. Bradford Crown Court.

Inquiry, codenamed Operation Parsonage, launched after complaints from parents and two secondary schools about ring of men grooming teenage girls for sex. Police interview 33 girls aged 13 to 17. Up to 50 men believed to be involved. Ten people charged with offences including rape. Only two men convicted. Hussain’s victim was girl, 13. Ahmed plied 13-year-old girl with alcohol then indecently assaulted her on moorland.

April 2006: Blackpool

Puppy Parmar, 31, illegal Indian immigrant: rape. Seven years, three months.

Sandeep Chauhan, 28, illegal Indian immigrant: rape. Six years, five months. Preston Crown Court.

Investigation into child exploitation launched after the disappearance of Charlene Downes, 14, from Blackpool. Case in April 2006 involved the gang rape of a girl, 16, who met four men in the centre of Blackpool. She and a friend went with them to an Indian restaurant where they were plied with alcohol then taken to an attic room. One was raped on a mattress by four men.

June 2007: Oldham

Shahzad Masood, 33: abduction. One year.

Mohammed Suleman, 39: abduction. One year. Manchester Crown Court.

Inquiry into grooming and abuse of 20 girls in Oldham. More than 20 men arrested, three charged with rape. The two convicted admitted abducting girl, 13, from outside her home. She was found wandering streets at 3am and refused to say what happened to her.

August 2007: Blackburn

Zulfqar Hussain, 46: abduction, sexual activity with a child, supplying drugs. Five years, eight months. Qaiser Naveed, 32: abduction, sexual activity with a child, supplying drugs. Five years, eight months. Preston Crown Court.

Inquiry into the grooming of girls as young as 12 by gangs of men expanded to include all child sexual exploitation. Case involved two men who plied two girls, both 14 and in the care of social services, with alcohol and drugs before having sex with them in a BMW car and a Blackburn flat. They were passed to brothers, uncles and older friends for sex. Hussain was later deported to Pakistan, Naveed won appeal to stay in England because deportation would breach his human rights.

October 2007 & January 2008: Sheffield

Ayad Mahmood, 35, failed Iraqi asylum seeker: abduction, two counts of rape. Ten years. Aziz Sabir Hamed, 24, Iraqi Kurd: rape, attempted rape, sexual activity with a child. Ten years. Sheffield Crown Court.

UK Human Trafficking Centre began inquiry after social services identified girls missing from home. 33 victims aged 12 to 15. Five guilty of immigration offences and deported. Girl, 14, groomed then taken for a car ride with other girls and raped by Mahmood in hospital grounds. In 2008, Hamed lost appeal against earlier conviction for offences against girl, 15, who was plied with gifts and alcohol for sexual favours. Relationship was “exploitative, coercive and possessive”.

August 2008: Oldham

Shofiqul Islam, 21: abduction. 18 months. Shamim Ahmed, 21: abduction. 18 months. Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester.

Men picked up runaway Oldham girl, 14, and drove her to secluded car park. They were caught by police having “liaison” with her.

November 2008: Manchester

Mirza Baig, 35: sexual assault, making threats to kill: indeterminate sentence for public protection. Mohammed Ditta, 39: assault, sexual assault. Indeterminate sentence for public protection. Manchester Crown Court.

The men, both married with young children, targeted three vulnerable 15-year-old girls who were groomed with gifts including mobile phone credit and alcohol before being taken to a flat where they were drugged, stripped and sexually assaulted.

November 2008: Blackburn

Ian Hindle, 32: sex with a child. Three years. Andrew Wells, 49: two counts of sexual activity with a child, one of sexual activity in presence of child. Two years, three months. Preston Crown Court.

The men, both members of British National Party, invited two girls, both 14, to a flat, where they plied them with alcohol before sexually abusing them.

April 2009: Blackburn

Imran Pervez, 27: abduction, rape. Nine years. Zaheer Khan, 24: abduction. 20 months. Preston Crown Court.

The men befriended girl, 12, after meeting her and two friends, both 15, outside Blackburn cinema at midnight. All five went for six-hour car ride, then Pervez parked in a back alley and ordered 12-year-old to perform sex act.

July & September 2009: Skipton

Mohammed Zackriya, 21: rape, five counts of sexual activity with a child. Eight years. Mohammed Taj, 37: three counts of sex with a child. Five years. Mohammed Shabir, 36, a married father of five: three counts of sex with a child. Five years. Shafaq Hussain, 21: six counts of sexual activity with a child. 18 months. Bradford Crown Court.

The first three men were found guilty of 28 sexual offences against a girl from Skipton who was running wild and “craved attention”. The trial heard that she was targeted then plied with drugs, alcohol and cigarettes before series of rapes and other sex acts were carried out when she was aged 14 and 15. Hussain was jailed for unrelated sex acts with same girl. A further three men were cleared of all charges.

February 2010: Rochdale

Ajmal Afridi, 19: two rapes, sexual assault. Six years. Imtiaz Syed, 20: rape, sexual assault. Six years. Tayub Hussain, 19: rape. Three years. Mustafa Arshad, 17: aiding and abetting sexual assault, taking indecent photographs. Eight months. Mohammed Usman Raja, 20: perverting the course of justice. Six months. Bolton Crown Court.

Girl, 16, agreed to go to house where she was given whisky and possibly sleeping medication before being raped several times by three members of gang, two of whom “used a whisky bottle to further degrade her”. Fourth man took pictures of the abuse. Victim later found wandering streets, dazed.

June 2010: Nelson

Azeem Shah, 23: abduction. 12-month suspended sentence. Tabassum Shah, 24: abduction. 12-month suspended sentence. Burnley Crown Court.

The men, cousins, picked up three girls aged 14 and 15 from a street in Nelson, near Burnley, gave them alcohol and drove them 20 miles to “a party” at a motorway service station Travelodge, where they had booked two rooms. Girls, who had first met the men a few nights earlier, were found at 1am after hotel manager called police. Court heard that the girls “complied” in the abduction and sexual behaviour.

Asad Yousaf Hassan, 28: two counts of sexual activity with a child. Two years. Mohammed Basharat, 28: sexual activity with a child. Two years. Mohammed Atif, 29: sexual activity with a child. Two years. Aftab Khan, 31: controlling a child prostitute, sexual activity with a child. Seven years. Abid Khaliq, 30: perverting the course of justice. Eight months. Mohammed Anwar Safi, 31: paying for the sexual services of a child. 31 months. Ahmed Noorzai, 29: paying for the sexual services of a child. Four years. Mohammed Khan, 26: facilitating child prostitution. Four years. Najibullah Safi, 32: sexual activity with a child. Two years. Manchester Crown Court.

Independent school pupil, 14, from Rochdale, went missing from home for several days on two occasions. She was spotted in the town centre, groomed and fed a diet of alcohol and drugs before being forced to have sex with numerous Asian men in flats and to work on the streets as a prostitute

She was finally found after she approached a couple in the street in Manchester and asked them for help.

September 2010: Preston

Mohammed Moosa, 24: abduction, sexual activity with a child. Three years. Faisal Ghani, 25: abduction. 30-week suspended sentence. Preston Crown Court.

Operation Deter, investigating child sexual exploitation involving girls and older men in Preston, handled 79 suspected cases between April and June last year. Moosa and Ghani groomed two girls aged 13 and 15 for several months after initially pulling up in car and befriending them. Took them for car rides and to rented flat used by different men with girls. One morning both girls collected and driven around Preston, then to Blackpool Travelodge. The 13-year-old was barefoot and in pyjamas. Group drank wine, vodka, whisky and smoked cannabis before Moosa had sex with younger girl, later found partially clothed, wrapped in duvet, when police raided hotel after tracing text message. Older girl later converted to Islam in order to be “seen as pure”.

November 2010: Rotherham

Razwan Razaq, 30: two counts of sexual activity with a child. 11 years. Umar Razaq, 24: sexual activity with a child. Four and a half years. Zafran Ramzan, 21: rape, two counts of sexual activity with a child. Nine years. Mohsin Khan, 21: sexual activity with a child. Four years. Adil Hussain, 20: sexual activity with a child. Four years. Sheffield Crown Court.

Five “sexual predators” convicted of grooming three girls, two aged 13 and one 15, all under social services supervision, before using them for sex. Victims offered gifts, car rides, cigarettes, alcohol and cannabis. Sex took place in cars, bushes and play area of park. Khan, a mortgage adviser who drove a BMW and owned several properties, promised to treat a 13-year-old “like a princess”. Umar Razaq pulled the hair of 13-year-old and called her a “white bitch” when she tried to reject his attempt to strip her. Eight men charged, three cleared of all charges. Victim, 13, said: “They used to tell me they loved me and at the time I believed them. I was a little girl.”

November 2010: Derby

Abid Siddique, 27: four rapes, aiding and abetting rape, two sexual assaults, three counts of sexual activity with a child, making child pornography, two counts of false imprisonment, perverting the course of justice. Awaiting sentence. Mohammed Liaqat, 28: rape, aiding and abetting rape, two sexual assaults, four counts of sexual activity with a child, making child pornography, affray. Awaiting sentence. Mohamed Imran Rehman, 26: rape. Seven and a half years. Faisal Mehmood, 24: sexual activity with a child. Three years. (Deported to Pakistan). Akshay Kumar, 38: making child pornography. Two years, ten months. Naweed Liaqat, 33: perverting the course of justice. Eighteen months. Farooq Ahmed, 29: perverting the course of justice. Eighteen months. Graham Blackham, 26: two counts of breaching a sexual offences prevention order. Three years. Ziafat Yasin, 31: supplying cocaine. Three years. Nottingham Crown Court & Leicester Crown Court.

Operation Retriever involved more than 100 police officers; 27 victims were identified: 22 white, three black and two Asian. Siddique and Liaqat cruised streets of Derby in BMW, stopping to befriend girls, most aged 12 to 16. Victims were targeted on streets, housing estates, at railway station and on their way home from school. Phone numbers exchanged, rides offered, meetings arranged, girls fed alcohol and drugs then taken to “parties” where they were used by older men for sex. Sex took place in parks, bushes, cars and houses. Abuse was filmed by men to share with friends. Thirteen charged, nine convicted.


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