ABC “Family Television” Airs Gay Kiss Between Two Underage 13-Year-Old Boys

ABC-Fosters-GayIt’s just so sick, that it’s beyond words. And, of course, it won all types of gay awards. It’s child abuse with an agenda.

The ABC Family drama The Fosters made television history Monday night for featuring the youngest ever dramatized gay kiss, as characters Jude and Connor, both 13, locked lips after some awkward flirting.

The show’s creator, Peter Paige, (Queer as Folk,) tweeted his excitement at the scene immediately following the broadcast:

Set in a mixed family environment, The Fosters are a diverse group of children, both biological and adopted, whom an interracial lesbian couple cares for, according to the show’s IMDB page.

The show, which premiered in 2013, already pushes the limits in the eyes of some, who have raised questions regarding what constitutes modern family programming.

The watchdog group One Million Moms boycotted the show immediately after it was announced in 2012.

The group then stated:

Obviously, ABC has lost their minds… One Million Moms is not sure how the explanation will be given on how the biological children were conceived. None of this material is acceptable content for a family show … Let’s stop this dead in it its tracks.

Co-executive producer Jennifer Lopez previously described the show as portraying “a new kind of family” and believes it is reflective of the world today.

“Family has tuned into something else,” said Lopez. “Family equals love.”

ABC Family, originally founded by controversial pastor Pat Robinson as the Christian Broadcasting Network, was acquired by Disney in 2001. The station generally runs a lineup of mixed family programming, and previously popular syndicated sitcoms, but has faced criticism in the past for branding itself as “family friendly.”

Robertson’s daily faith-based news show The 700 Club is broadcast on the network to this day, and was ironically aired Monday immediately following a rebroadcast of The Fosters.

Robertson has been openly critical of homosexuality for many years.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation group has praised The Fosters, and the show won the award for Outstanding Drama Series at the 2014 GLAAD Awards.

If you really have to see the video to believe it, it’s here:


  • Someone at that age doesn’t even know what their orientation is yet. This is child abuse. These boys were put up to this.

  • Where did my comment go?

  • Someone of this age doesn’t even know that they are totally straight, let alone gay. He was put up to this. This is child abuse.

    • stfu. u are not gay so u dont know what tf u r talking abt. we all know at a very young age. i am gay and proud. i knew since i was 4. so dont talk abt this like you effin know everything. u r all a bunch of homophobic bigots. these children were completely consenting to this and so were their parents.

  • I knew, at the age of 5 that I am attracted to girls. I didnt know one kid who was confused at the age of 10

  • One is confused about their sexuality because of social norms and what is expected from them by society. I knew I was gay at age 5. Why is it wrong for two 13 yo gay boys to kiss but it’s cute if it’s a boy and a girl? Aren’t they still underage? We’ve seen numerous kisses between underage boys and girls in cinema, but what if that boy or girl are gay in real life and were asked to do heterosexual kiss? Shouldn’t this be wrong, as well? Child abuse with an agenda? Please, educate yourselves about sexuality and attraction.

    • please educate your self in the Bible God is the creator and God created man and created woman for man .
      God did not create Adam and Steve nor Eve and Marie.
      life begins at conception and so does one gender no confusion of what your sex is .

      • No one cares

      • Just, just stfu
        Neither did your mom created you to be an homophobic idiot.
        And yet you are still here.

      • guess what, if god created us, and he’s perfect, then didn’t he create us gay? also pls stop being one of those homophobic ‘christians’ that don’t even get the overall point of the bible and christianity as a whole. be forgiving, and love everybody around you. hating on people for their choices is NOT christian. you are ruining many very friendly and true christian’s reputations. why do other people’s decisions matter? you can think that homosexuality is wrong, but you don’t have to be so violent. don’t hate on people, just agree to disagree. christians already get a bad rap. please don’t make it worse than it already is. in fact i am a 13yo lesbian and if i kissed a girl, even if i was told to on a set, i would be perfectly fine with it. it’s definitely not child abuse if somebody agrees, to it. it doesn’t matter if its not straight. if it’s not fair bc they don’t really know if they’re gay, then it should be the same way for a straight kiss bc they don’t really know if they’re straight right? no. because we live in a heteronormative society. please be one of the people who has a change in heart, and does the right thing. politely disagree, don’t hate. and the thing about “life begins with conception” why does that matter so much to you. there are plenty of straight couples that can’t, or don’t want to have kids. that’s just their choice, not yours. and plus, the world is overpopulated anyways, so the gays can adopt and find homes for those that don’t have any. thank you for listening, i hope you can see how wrong it is to attack people for something that they can’t control, and that’s not your choice, and I hope you have a good rest of your day

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