Absolute proof that we Kahanists have been right from the start on Israel (video)


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  • Elliott Resnick typed online after the horrors of
    October 7, 2023 that
    “Rabbi Meir Kahane’s party continues to be banned in Israel, but Yekutiel Ben-Yaakov, who used to serve as chief of operations for Rabbi Kahane, isn’t worried. He thinks Israelis – even secular leftist Israelis – will ultimately implement a Kahane-like solution whether they like it or not.
    I hope he’s right. “

    • israelnationalnews.com
      has an article headlined
      “Are we listening now? No one listened to Noah”
      by Shalom Pollack on
        Oct 22, 2023
      Meir Kahane and his son
      Binyamin are mentioned

    • A person recently typed online
      “Antonio Guterres is right, the Hamas attack on Israel did not happen in a vacuum, it was aided and abetted by the bankrupt UN that he heads”

    • Chaim , a person typed online earlier today
      “The hostage deal with Hamas is horrible because it will allow Hamas to reorganize and continue to call for cease-fire extending into the winter. Every cease-fire will empower Hamas and increases pressure on Israel to stop it’s military campaign. A cease-fire will make Israel less safe.”

    • A person recently typed online this November 2023 “These people calling for a ceasefire have convenient memories when it comes to October 7th.
      Innocent civilians murdered, I repeat murdered in their sleep, babies butchered, baby put in an oven, father and son tied together. with gasoline poured on them and burned to death. A slaughter of more than 1400 people babies, girls raped, people shot Point blank , grandmothers killed.
      240 people kidnapped and those who support this have already forgotten October 7th . Not me. I’ll never forget”

    • A person typed online after October 7th, 2023
      “According to a captured Hamas terrorist, the IDF was completely unprepared for the attack. “We prepared for more than a year. The demonstrations in Israel encouraged us. It was 5 hours before we were shot at. We were prepared with 1,000 fighters. We made 15 breaches in the fence, we were shocked that the IDF was not waiting for us.” He also said that Hamas prepared for the major operation with means of communication that the IDF was not familiar with. They operated on radios that Israel’s intelligence knew nothing about.”
      Anyone hear about this

    • A person typed online after the Attacks of October 7th, 2023 “Israel signed the Camp David Accords Peace agreement with Egypt. As a result, Israel transferred the Sinai Desert to Egypt. Hamas was able to receive military weapons from Iran through the Egypt Gaza border. Therefore, Egypt is not an honest Peace Partner but is actually waging a proxy war against Israel by allowing Hamas to arm itself and slaughter Jews. Why are Israel leaders silent on this matter. Land for peace is a complete illusion.”
      Arabs can Never be Trusted

    • A person typed online after October 7th, 2023 “Regarding Rashida Tliab, Sarah Palin was wrong – you can put lipstick on a pig!”

    • A Joke that appeared online after October 7th, 2023
      “Scientists have discovered several new species of Poison Ivy: Harvard, Yale, Penn and Princeton”

  • Elliot Resnick , spelled with one t
    Also typed recently online after the horrors of October 7, 2023
    “I’m constantly amazed at frum Jews who eagerly boast about Israel putting its soldiers lives in danger to save the lives of enemy civilians. “See how moral we are!”

    No, putting your enemy first does not make you moral. It makes you immoral.” Plus many have explained why many of those enemy “civilians” aren’t exactly so innocent

    • A person recently typed online about Roger Waters hating Jews
      “To borrow the lyrics from his song “Hey You” “…the worms ate into his brain” I guess life does imitate art.” Others have compared Roger Waters to the 19th Century Anti-Semitic German Composer Richard Wagner
      Waters or Wagner , who is worse ?

      • People have said
        Eric Clapton is almost as bad as Roger Waters
        Can both Clapton and Waters be Expelled from the Various Rock and Roll Hall of Fames

  • A person recently typed online about the Hamas Fakestinian Attack of October 7, 2023 that


  • worldisraelnews.com on
    October 27, 2023 has an article headlined
    “October 7 coming to America?”
    By Bruce Bawer

  • stream.org has an article headlined
    “Israel is Always to Blame”
    November 12, 2023

  • Also from stream.org an article is headlined
    “The Significance of Israel to Christians: Beyond Borders, a Shared Spiritual Bond”
    November 15, 2023

  • spectator.org has an article headlined
    “Netanyahu Is Churchill; Obama Is Halifax”
    by FRANCIS P. SEMPA on
    November 6, 2023

  • weeklyblitz.net on
    OCTOBER 11, 2023 has an article headlined
    “Hamas attacks – cowardly and morally indecent”
    Peter Baum

  • Has anyone seen the 2021
    TV Movie
    “President Joe Biden: Not Your Average Joe”

  • In 2019
    Dutch Politician
    Toine Beukering stated
    “As a young child, I read a whole cabinet of books about the Holocaust. I was always interested in finding out how it was at all possible. That the Jews, such a courageous and combative people, were driven to the gas chambers just like meek little lambs. It has always fascinated me. I never really found an answer for it. But to me it did mean one thing: Never again. That’s why I wore a uniform for 40 years and have been all over the world,” Anyone hear about that

  • Chaim is the GOAT!

  • Chaim is the GOAT!

  • I wonder who Chaim would support If it came down to Trump and Biden.

    • He would commit suicide.

      • About Suicide , did you know that the Right To Die, Death With Dignity Movement is Growing in America and Worldwide, and it’s for Any and All Suffering people who Hate Life and Hate their Lives, Not just for the Terminally ill, but also Mentally ill, Incels, Homeless, Paraplegics, Quadriplegics and All other Suffering people.
        Because Most people in America and Worldwide are Against
        “Suicide Prevention” and Forced Living Extremism

        • Most People in America and Worldwide are Against
          Pro-Life “Suicide Prevention” and Forced Living Extremism
          If Meir Kahane was still alive on Earth today he would be Against
          Suicide Prevention and Forced Living Extremism and Support the Growing
          Right To Die Movement

  • Make no Mistake if
    Both Martin Luther King Jr. and
    Meir Kahane were alive on
    Earth Today, they would be Speaking Out against
    “Suicide Prevention” and Forced Living Extremism and in Support of the Growing
    Right To Die, Death with Dignity Movement for Suffering Mentally ill, Terminally ill, Incels, Homeless, Paraplegics, Quadriplegics and All Other Suffering people

  • A person typed online earlier in November 2023 that
    “One should not separate oneself from the community is a concept in Jewish Law. The Organization “Not in My Name” is doing just that. Israel is fighting an existential war that this organization wants Israel to end because “innocent” Palestinians are dying as a consequence of this war. Israel is fighting this war on behalf of all Jews in Israel and in the diaspora. They are fighting it in my name, in the name of my family, and in the name of my extended family, the Jewish People. “Not in My Name” is siding with our enemy whose goal is to exterminate all Jews. They would not have the luxury of protesting if they had been in Kibbutz Beeri on the morning of October 7th. So, yes, Israel is not fighting in your name, because you have sadly separated yourself from support of the Jewish community that was brutally attacked by terrorists. You have separated from the 1400 innocent Jews that were brutally murdered, raped, burned and beheaded. Your people! Your fellow Jews! Understand – Hamas is getting the furious retribution it deserves. Know that without Israel’s fight against Hamas, without Israel’s total elimination of Hamas, you will be next. And you know why? Because, when they look at you, all Hamas will see in front of them is a Jew. And then – slit.”

  • Another online article stated
    “Palestinians are the perpetrators of their own suffering – not the victims of it.”

  • Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. (November 23, 1940 – May 3, 2021), commonly known as Glenn Miller or Frazier Glenn Cross thankfully died in 2021 , I wonder if he ever stopped to realize how common Jewish Self-Hatred is and that
    Many Jews and people who are part-Jewish don’t like being Jewish or looking Jewish either or sounding Jewish either , did he ever stop to realize that

  • Did Frazier Glenn Miller ever stop to realize that Many Jews and people who are part-Jewish deeply wish that they were born
    Fully Gentile and Non-Jewish ,

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