Adelson WITHHOLDS $100 MILLION donation he promised until Trump’s polls improve, and gaffes end

sheldon-adelson-01-trumpAccording to the Guardian, actual billionaire Sheldon Adelson is withholding $100 million he promised to the presidential campaign of fake billionaire Trump until he stops saying stupid stuff.

The donor, who one friend said has been “irked by a lot of things”, had already met Trump privately at least twice this year. He has pushed for the candidate to visit Israel, which has not happened, and supported former House speaker Newt Gingrich for vice-president.

Earlier this summer, Adelson endorsed Trump, reportedly signaling that he was willing to spend up to $100m on the presidential contest. To date, however, he has not given money to any Super Pac. Three fundraising sources with good ties to Adelson said he is focused on trying to keep control of Congress, though he could donate to Trump if his gaffes are eliminated and his poll numbers improve.

If Adelson is waiting until Trump stops saying stupid stuff to donate, he might as well dump it all in the congressional races, which is what other donors are doing.

Ditto for the polls, which still show a yuge gulf between cheeto and cankles. 

Given what Trump is tweeting today, he’s determined to keep offending people.

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