After Judge Roy Moore lost the election to a pro-abortion democrat with ties to the KKK, now the democrats want Al Franken to stay in the senate.

Remember when it seemed like the Democrats had begun taking sexual harassment seriously. They even got a sitting senator accused of groping women to resign.

Everyone who bet that would change the moment they won or lost in Alabama, come up and collect your winnings. Everyone who really believed the Democrats had changed, come collect your limited edition of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Dem senators have switched from self righteously demanding that Senator Franken leave to self righteously demanding that Senator Franken stay.

There are two of obvious factors at work here.

1. No further Franken accusers seem to be coming forward. Apparently the Senate Democrats have decided that 8 is enough. Without the threat of new and more damning accusations and the resulting media attention, it’s safer to take a pro-Franken stand.

2. After winning in Alabama, and and scamming some gullible Republicans into thinking that they’re suddenly a moral party, they got what they wanted and now it’s Welcome Back Franken.

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