Alabama Democrat Calls for Special Needs Concentration Camps

Ella Bell (Middle)

A black Alabama Democrat was caught saying that special needs children are inconvenient, and we need to “move them out” of the general population.

That’s right, Ella Bell, Alabama Democrat, was caught promoting a Nazi-like program of shipping off kids to special schools. Says


“Is it against the law for us to establish perhaps an academy on special education or something on that order,” asked Bell, “so that our scores that already are not that good would not be further cut down by special-ed’s test scores involved?”

When Bell’s colleagues mentioned LRE, she didn’t seem to understand. “It doesn’t matter about that. You can make it the least restrictive environment,” she said, “I’m trying to see if you can move them out.”


They’re bringing down our statistics! We must segregate them for purity to show our superiority!


Imagine if Roy Moore said it, what the reaction would be. But doesn’t even bother to mention her political party. Imagine that.

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