Alex Jones: “Sources Are Telling Me Trump Is Being Covertly Drugged”

Now they need to add “And if they didn’t, they are secretly drugging him”.

Yeah… it couldn’t just be that Trump is a selfish egotistical traitor who was never a conservative to begin with.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones told the audience of his “Infowars” show on Monday that sources close to the president are informing him that President Donald Trump is being “covertly drugged.”

“It’s known that most presidents end up getting drugged,” Jones prefaced, without providing evidence. “Small dosages of sedatives till they build it up. Trump’s such a bull he hasn’t fully understood it yet.

“But I’ve talked to people, multiple ones,” Jones continued, “and they believe that they are putting a slow sedative that they’re building up that’s also addictive in his Diet Cokes and in his iced tea and that the president by 6 or 7 at night is basically slurring his words and is drugged.”

Jones called on the president to get a blood test by a physician outside the White House because, he claims, “they drug presidents because the power structure wants a puppet.”

“I’ve talked to folks who talk to [Trump] directly,” Jones claimed. “I’m risking my life, by the way, telling you all this.”

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