America’s Future? Canadian Man Faces Jail Time for Disagreeing with Feminists

6 months for having a conversation on Twitter?!

jailA Canadian man, Gregory Elliott, faces six months in jail for having a disagreement with feminists on Twitter. He has been charged with criminal harassment.

The case involves two feminists (originally it was three) who claim they were harassed in 2012 by Elliott on Twitter. They are currently in court in Toronto. One of the complainants, Stephanie Guthrie, met with Elliott three years ago to interview him about working for her organization “Women in TO politics.” But according to The Toronto Star, Guthrie was “creeped out” by the man and said he was “really intense” and so she decided not to hire him.

Court documents show that the two remained cordial through e-mail correspondence after their meeting and also continued their casual relationship via social media for almost 10 months. But things took a turn when Guthrie went after an online video game that allowed players to virtually punch the face of a feminist blogger. She joined other feminists who made it clear they wanted to publicly shame the game’s creator. Guthrie had written on Twitter: “I want his hatred on the Internet to impact his real-life experience.”

Seeing this message, Elliott reacted creating the hashtag #FascistFeminists and attacked their viewpoints, without once being threatening or violent. Yet, he was arrested in November of 2012, fired from his job, and now faces jail time.

In court this last week, Guthrie rolled her eyes during cross-examination by Elliott’s attorney who asked about her “left-leaning politics.” He then asked, “Why would you roll your eyes at a trial where my client faces serious charges of criminal harassment?” She said she didn’t see the relevancy of such a question.


  • Tell UncleBurbon that the JTF consensus on Feminisim is that women are, more often than not, immune from criticism.

  • JTF is a pro-feminist organization without realizing it. LSDBR talks about a male version of feminism? That’s a laugh! Real Feminism is a legitimate and extremely powerful movement that calls the shots in most every first world country. By contrast, the ‘Manosphere’ that LSDBR speaks of is an illigitimate joke with zero power over anything. To equate the two ‘movements’ is beyond absurd. Furthermore, anyone who agrees with Chiam on absolutely everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is a brown-nosing phony with an agenda. Understand that LSDBR is a master troll who knows how to play the JTF leadership the way that Perlman plays his Stadivarious. The English-language forum is a ghost town partly because of him (her, it).

    May Chaim be in Israel this time tomorrow!

  • I told ya all !
    Feminists are totalitarians!

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