Arab Muslim Construction Workers Attack Jewish Preschool in Tel Aviv

Despite an influx of foreign aid dwarfing the per-capita investments in post-World War II Europe, the PLO have failed to create jobs for its people.

Israel has sought to alleviate the pressure that unemployment brings by allowing large numbers of [so-called] “Palestinian” Arabs to enter its sovereign territory each day to work in construction.

Of course, that policy carries with it a security risk.

On Sunday, it was demonstrated how such gestures of goodwill can sometimes backfire. Fortunately, this time, it was without tragic consequences.

Some 100 Jewish children had to be urgently evacuated from their preschool in the Tel Aviv suburb of Givatayim when Arab construction workers at an adjacent building site began hurling stones.

The children were all inside the preschool at the time, which is why no one was injured.

A school staff member witnessed the attack when she went to the kitchen and saw the construction workers throwing rocks and cursing the Jews inside.

Kikar Hashabat reports that police were called to the scene, and arrested two of the Arabs involved.

The perpetrators were later released on bail with a restraining order.

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