• “Rev. Jim Jones was as bad as Adolf Hitler.

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  • Robert E Lee was a traitor. He was a Corporal in the US military and worked in West Point. Yet he decided to abandon all this to fight for slavery. Others of his rank did not do this.

    He was known to be a cruel slavemaster who broke up families and after the war also turned a blind eye to abduction and rape of black women by white men. Read the article the myth of the kindly Lee.

    Furthermore, as a general while he was a good tactician his overall actions during the war led to their loss. All the South had to do was not lose as Lincoln’s reelection was not guaranteed. Yet he aggressively fought up North in PA which was a terrible blunder but he believed his own billing and his military actions led to unneeded deaths which the South couldn’t afford.

    Lee’s actions led to the Confederate military not having enough solders in other theaters.

    So Lee in the name of protecting slavery fought an aggressive war that was out of touch with reality to being outnumbered by the North something that wasn’t even needed because Lincoln wasn’t even guaranteed reelection but Lee’s blunders and arrogance did help Lincoln and people realizing the war could be won. He supported the KKK that developed after the war as well.

    This myth developed of him after the war because of those who wanted to continue racism and his unwaivering conviction to this and view of blacks as inferior was the perfect to hide behind but this cult of Lee is completely untrue of who he really was.

    He was a traitor and at best a mediocre General who may have been good at individual battles but was extremely poor in seeing the full picture of the war and didn’t care beyond his theater and that he was bleeding his army dry.

    Grant, whatever you think of him in other areas, saw the bigger picture of the war which was no foregone conclusion.

    Also the South was no friend of Jews either. All the prominent Jews who defended slavery intermarried Christians. Some of them converted out of Judaism themselves. None of them stayed true to their religion as some like to claim more Jews rose to prominence in the South. All of them seem to do so by abandoning their own religion.

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