• Chaim: why are you so obsessed if someone is intermarried. It’s mishegoss

  • Modern capitalism is the cause of intermarriage. Along with liberal college’s.

  • A person recently typed on the Internet.:
    On “Jewish Privilege”

    I recently saw a post containing the picture below of what is supposedly something being passed out at some riots and protests and circulated on social media. I couldn’t help but think, once again, that history is repeating itself. This is EXACTLY how antisemitism has worked in every country Jews have lived throughout history. The way Jews today are labeled as privileged and excluded from the discussion of racism has seriously bothered me for quite a while. So, after seeing this vile post, I decided to compile a list highlighting important components of this so called “Jewish privilege”.

    Here are some of the “Jewish privileges” the Jews of my generation have had:

    1. Your grandparents had numbers tattooed on their arm. When you asked about the tattoo as a child, you were told about how your sweet grandparents were dehumanized, turned into numbers, and tortured unimaginably for years by the Nazis.
    2. Those same grandparents all had severe PTSD when they raised your parents. (Yes, my parents’ entire generation of Jews were brought up by parents with PTSD).
    3. Every time you visited your grandparents you saw pictures or memorials of the many aunts and uncles you will never meet or even visit in a graveyard because they were shot, starved, gassed, burned to ash in ovens, and buried in mass graves.
    4. At least once a year, starting at a young age, you heard your grandparents and your friends’ grandparents tell stories of the atrocities they had committed against them by the Nazis so you, and everyone else, would never forget the horrors of antisemitism.
    5. Starting at a young age, you learned about how, throughout history, in every single place your people have ever lived, the gentile majority eventually turned you. When your people were lucky, you just had lies spread about you, laws passed against you, and were expelled or forced to flee. When you were unlucky, Jewish men women and children were beaten, tortured, and murdered en masse, leaving only the survivors to flee.
    *to give you an idea of the frequency of this, one historical study compiled a data set of occurrences of this type of antisemitic persecution in just Europe between years 1100-1800. In that time, Jews were persecuted this way 1366 times in 936 different places in Europe. I will include a picture of a map showing locations and a link to both the cited study and to info about the many many instances of mass persecution since 1800 in the comments.”

  • The comment about the Anti-Semitic Lie of “Jewish Priviledge” continues
    “6. You are told as a young child that you must bring a baseball cap with you when you go to certain places so you can cover your yarmulke because it will be safer for you if people don’t know you are Jewish.
    7. Your school, synagogue, local Jewish Community Center, or other Jewish organization you are affiliated with has been the target of antisemitic vandalism or a bomb threat. Some of those times while you were there.
    8. Multiple times a year, every year, you hear (or experience) rockets being fired at innocent Jewish civilians living in Israel. Since 2001, close to 20,000 rockets have been fired on Jewish civilian populations, injuring or killing thousands of Jewish men women and children. That is an average of almost 3 rockets a day, every day, for almost 20 years. And even if you, your friends, and your family aren’t killed by the rockets, studies have found that nearly half of Jewish toddlers and preteens as well as around 30-40% of parents in cities frequently targeted by rockets are suffering from PTSD.
    9. You have personally experienced antisemitism. Some brief examples from my life include: at 13 years old being called a dirty Jew by someone I thought was a friend. As a teenager, being told at a program I was attending that I would not be missed once I leave bc I am Jewish. Again as a teenager, playing sports with non-Jewish teens at the park and, after performing well, overhearing other kids say to each other “even the Jew is better than you”. As an adult being scared for my safety when a car kept circling the block I was walking down while the people inside the car yelled antisemitic slurs at me and ran over the trashcans in front of Jewish houses. (I have more stories but you get the idea).
    10. You see vicious antisemitic lies, blood libels, and propaganda spread about you and your people by the media, major religious leaders, and elected politicians in many countries around the world (including America). You are particularly hurt by the ubiquitous antisemitic cartoons depicting your people as greedy, devious, big nosed, thieving, murderous dogs or pigs who are out to get non Jews and manipulate the world.
    11. Despite being the minority group with the highest rate of hate crimes perpetrated against you per 100,000 people in the US (by FBI data 2018), you consistently see the hate, discrimination, violence, and murder committed against you downplayed, dismissed, or totally ignored.
    To put the hate crime rate statistics into perspective I am going to compare them to rates for other minority groups. I am not trying to turn this into a competition and even a single hate crime is vile and evil. However, the original post already makes this comparison and claims Jews are privileged so, in context, I believe this comparison is needed for perspective. Based on FBI data from 2018, Jews are 2.7x more likely than blacks, and 2.2x more likely than Muslims to be the victim of a hate crime.
    12. Year after year you feel an increased feeling of fear as you watch the nations of the world come together at the UN to single out the Jews and disproportionately condemn the only Jewish state in the world and the only democracy in the Middle East while ignoring real and severe human rights violations far worse than anything Israel has ever done. In 2019 the UN had 25 total resolutions total. 18 to criticize Israel, 2 criticizing Crimea, and only 1 resolution each to criticize Iran, Syria, North Korea, Myanmar, and the US. Countries that were ignored in favor of spending more time criticizing the Jewish state (where unlike these other countries, all citizens are free and have equal rights) include Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Pakistan, Belarus, Cuba, Turkey, Algeria, and many others. 18 against the Jews and 7 against the entire rest of the world combined. (anyone who doesn’t get why this is bad or scary, feel free to PM me).
    13. You have repeatedly seen your entire people judged with bias based on the actions of the few. Like Mayor De Blasio did at the end of April.
    14. And perhaps scariest and most troubling of all, your experience and history as a persecuted minority is invalidated and dismissed, even among the “woke”, because your skin color is too light. Even though you have history of consistent persecution spanning everywhere on earth you have ever lived and every time/age for which there is a recorded history, you are excluded from the intersectional conversation because many Jews have skin that looks white.
    15. As antisemitism around the world rises, you anxiously wonder how much time you have left until the your people are expelled and/or murdered once again.

    There are more points to make here but I’m tired and I think this is enough to illustrate the point.”

    • Long list but this is no longer the case as of 1990.

      Now… Jews are no longer hearing about the holocaust or if they do its to provide and excuse for why we have to allow LGBTQRTWXYZ groups to have more rights than we do, allow cockroaches to invade america.

      And they eat Ham and celebrate Christmas. (Which is not even a Christian holiday but a Roman Pagan holiday)And in Maine the non-religious Jews love their lobster rolls more than they love Israel.

      • Kyle , see the Various Comments on
        July 24, 2022”
        Chaim Ben Pesach
        The Various Comments about if
        Anti-Semitism, Jew-Hatred will continue for All Eternity,
        Will the Hatred ever End ?
        Where is God’s Wrath upon the Anti-Semites & Jew-Haters ,
        Anti-Israel Losers ?
        Why would God Allow the
        Hatred to Continue For All
        Eternity ?

  • Point #12 on the list, the whole World cries about the
    Precious Palestinians, the
    Poor Poor Palestinians,
    There Are No “Palestinians”
    Only Fakestinians , The
    So-called “Palestinians” already have a Nation , it’s called Jordan

  • Sadly as Always Everyone Hates the Jews, Nothing Changes
    Everyone Unjustly Hates the Jews and Israel

  • We should All read the Various
    Editions of the 1986 book
    “Semites and Anti-Semites: An Inquiry Into Conflict and Prejudice” by Bernard Lewis , a Superb Book with endless documentation
    of Arab & Islamic Evil, Wickedness, Immaturity,

  • We can Never forget that the entire
    Arab & Islamic World is basically The Fourth Reich , and the sick thing is that the Arab & Islamic Nations don’t deny it, they are
    proud of it

    • In many ways the
      Arab & Islamic Nations that are the
      Fourth Reich , this Fourth Reich is in many ways worse than the
      Third Reich

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