• A good Bible verse that describes those who Support Fakestinians and other Arab & Islamic Terrorists over Israel, the verse is
    Isaiah 5:20 which says
    ” Woe to those who call evil good
        and good evil,
    who put darkness for light
        and light for darkness,
    who put bitter for sweet
        and sweet for bitter.” NIV

  • I like intermarriage. It dilutes the recessive genes

    • Is Jewish heritage transmitted through the Father’s Side or Mother’s side, who is a Jew ?
      Some have said that the Bible clearly teaches that Jewish heritage is transmitted through the Father’s side , Wikipedia says
      “Advocates of patrilineal descent point to Genesis 48:15–20 and Deuteronomy 10:15.”

      • That’s impossible because in biblical days it was impossible to determine with 100 percent certainty who is the father and today even with DNA testing if a girl has sex with two identical twin males very close together DNA testing cannot distinguish which twin impregnated the girl. No I am not Maury Povich

        • A person typed online
          “One’s biological mother determines Jewish vs. non-Jewish status. The father determines tribal membership, hereditary positions/professions such as kahanut (Jewish priesthood), and especially birthright and kingship.”

  • The idea that 80% of Jews didn’t leave Egypt is more self hatred of Jews. It doesn’t say this anywhere in the torah and the idea doesn’t add up. How could Egypt not realize that suddenly the Jews were 80% less after the plague of darkness. It doesn’t make sense and the purpose was to punish Egypt not to Punish Jews. It goes against everything the torah says in which Moses also defended his people and the idea God would secretly punish them like this doesn’t jibe with everything else. The idea that they intermarried seems odd too and that is I knew one. Neither makes sense. It is just an excuse to hate your own people which the Rabbis have done in the exile as well to kiss up to the countries they lived in and be the “good Jew”.

    Also I don’t feel working within the system or no not is binary. Joseph was elected by Pharoh. LIke anything else it depends and Moses may have wanted to go that route but when he saw a fellow Jew being abused he reacted and that changed it all and he reacted out of love for his people as others have but it wasn’t a “set plan”. It is healthy to try to work within a system but obviously sometimes you can’t and it would be wrong but that always depends on the situation.

  • thank you

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