• My prediction Chaim. The media as we know it will go through a crash and a major correction. Too many people are fed up with watching the so called news. Perhaps a return to religious practice, reading books of intelligent authors, living off the land. You might call me a dreamer but crazier things have happened,

  • Come on Chaim. Illegal substances aren’t brought into the country by urban black criminals. Tell the whole truth.

    • Yeah. But if nitwit Schwartzes didn’t consume the illegal substances nobody would bring them in. How much illegal substances are brought into North Korea

  • Giacobo Wahlboghter

    Bs’d. Chaim: your video from May about the false perceptions of American aid to Israel was a real gem. I have always thought the same thing. And, when I got Rabbi Kahane H’y’d, to talk about this at a shul talk one motzei Shabbos in Borough Park, a concerned and fearful hush broke out among the audience. People will need a lot of convincing and you are the one to do it. Will you get out among those who are not familiar with your videos and website??
    By the way, although it was probably because you were in a period of mourning for your departed mother A’H, I must tell you that you look 1,000% better with a beard. It is like day and night. Please consider growing a full beard- or even a trimmed beard. Giacobo Wahlboghter, Williamsburg

  • No beard !

  • Really? Only nitwits in poor urban areas consume illegal substances? I guess wall st and beverly hills doesn’t count. When rich people do it they get away with it. If you are poor you don’t.

  • About Italians a few days ago in
    October 2022
    Los Angeles mayoral candidate Rick Caruso declares he’s not white because he’s Italian
    The billionaire added his Italian American heritage makes him “Latin,” sparking a social media uproar. What do we think ?

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