• What exactly are donations to the Hilltop Youth used for? Please give us an itemized accounting.

  • Almost ready to go. Don’t stand with the Nazis or your blood is on your own head. https://www.bitchute.com/video/wSggzPrkgmpW/

  • Sir Francis Bacon

    I had rather believe all the Legends of the Talmud and the Fables of the Alcoran than that this universal frame is without a Mind.

  • Happy # 65….. I remember when you were 22. Chaim, The statistics cited here for the Corona Virus where did you get this info. Was it from the Main Street Media, or the Cdc? Hospitals get compensated quite handsomely if they say that someone admitted has the Corona Virus. If that person dies in hospital care the hosp. gets paid even more. While in the hospital if that person is put on a ventilator the hospital gets paid even more. Hospital corruption prevails with this Corona hoax. You can’t be sure if a person died of the so called corona virus or died from the influenza and since the winter of 2020 it seems that no one has succumbed to the flu ! The corona virus will continue indefinitely since it is a means to the politicization of the corona virus via voting where how people vote in the upcoming Midterms with mail-in ballots and the like will continue as was the case in 2020. As for masks you can cite your statistics from Taiwan and Mainland China and I will cite that in the red more pro-Civil Liberty states in the U.S. the statistics were nearly the same as those of the blue mandated states. The red states did not force people to wear masks whereas the blue states did. What does all this prove. Figures lie and liars figure. I’ll side with natural immunity any day over so called vaccinated immunity. Keep up the good work dealing with Jewish topics of interest and don’t stray off course into the medical field which is not your expertise. / Baruch You Know who..

  • Vaccine is a depopulation weapon according to former pfizer scientist Dr, Michael Yeadon.

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