At least 68% of Israeli Jews want to expel Arabs from Gaza but traitor leaders won’t do it (JTF video)


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  • has an article headlined
    “When Rabbi Meir Kahane wiped the floor with Alan Dershowitz”

    Published Jan 2, 2024

    • According to Wikipedia it says about Yahya Sinwar
      “In 2008 while serving a prison sentence he was operated on by Israeli doctors[17] to remove a tumor in his brain to save his life”
      The Israeli doctors should have let Sinwar’s Arab Ass die a
      painful death , it was a terrible decision to save his worthless life , people like him Never Change

    • From the Jerusalem Post an article is headlined
      “Hamas slams Lebanese cartoon for ‘likening’ Palestinians to coronavirus”
      By KHALED ABU TOAMEH Published: APRIL 15, 2020

    • Many people have asked what if
      Israel wrapped the bodies of
      dead Arab Terrorists in pigskin like the Russians did with the dead
      Chechen Muslim Terrorists after the Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis in 2002
      Would wrapping dead terrorists in pigskin help deter Terrorism

    • has an article headlined
      “Hamas using top-grade Chinese weapons in Gaza, including assault rifles and grenade launchers, says Israel” by
      Rebecca Rommen Jan 6, 2024

    • has an article headlined
      “College Presidents Are Lying About Free Speech”
      DECEMBER 12, 2023

    • Also in December 2023
      A person typed online
      “Just saw the President of Harvard say that free speech on campus is ok, even if “free speech” explicitly calls for an intifada, and to kill Jews, so long as “it doesn’t cross the line into conduct”.

      I am wondering what would happen to anybody who called her the N word without “crossing into conduct”? “

    • Iran is blaming “The Jews” for the ISIS Suicide Attack
      The U.S. National Debt is Now
      $ 34 Trillion Dollars , with a T

    • Anyone wonder how things would change if suddenly tomorrow
      Israel discovered HUGE amounts of Oil on it’s land , how would that change things ? How the World views Israel and the Jews if
      HUGE amounts of Oil were found in Israel , why doesn’t Israel have any Oil , while the Arab Regimes have an Almost Endless Amount

  • has an article headlined
    “Israel in talks with Congo and other countries on Gaza ‘voluntary migration’ plan”
    3 Jan 2024
    Any Gazans that Voluntarily Migrate Must Never be Allowed to Return or Even Visit

  • has an article headlined
    “Al Jazeera publishes, then deletes, statement attributed to Sinwar” by
    December 25, 2023
    latest revision January 01, 2024

  • has an article headlined
    “Offensive words for defensive actions”
    Howard Rotberg
    on January 1, 2024

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “Who is the number 1 Donor (by a large margin, for years now) funding Ivy League universities in the United States of America?

    It is the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, savagely anti-American, Islamic nation of Qatar.

    Qatar has one of the largest deposits of petroleum and natural gas on Earth and after 9/11 they figured out how to use their incredible wealth to take over America in a different way…..”

    • Anyone Else Hate the Stupid
      TV Commercials for
      Qatar Airways that say
      “Going places together” what a stupid corny lame slogan ,

      • Qatar Sucks
        We Hate Qatar Forever has an article headlined
        “I believe in his way,’ Palestinian official says of slain Hamas leader”
        By Ryan Jones | Jan 5, 2024 About the Evil and Wickedness of

    • Are the Terrorist leaders in
      Doha planning new Attacks on Israel, America and the West ?

    • On Saturday January 6, 2024
      Mark Levin on
      “Life, Liberty & Levin” said
      Qatar is a
      “tiny little nothing nation”
      That’s True , but that crappy ugly nation of sand rats Qatar sadly causes Huge Problems for the entire World , Mark Levin also condemned Saudi Arabia, China & Russia for Poisoning the Minds on American College & University Campuses

  • has an article headlined
    “Former terrorist: ‘Drive the Gazans into Sinai until they change’ ” on
    Jan 4, 2024

  • About the “civilians” in Gaza has an article headlined
    “Yes, they are ‘civilians’, but they are neither innocent nor uninvolved” by
    Dr. Avi Perry
    Jan 3, 2024

  • On January 4, 2024 an article from is headlined
    “Legal experts: No obligation to allow Gazans to return north”

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “From Gatestone:”Unfortunately, Hamas’s bloodlust is not limited to Israel and Jews but also extends to Europe and Christians. I want to remind you that in the past, Hamas members expressed the Islamic intention to conquer Europe.” — Israel’s Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli, in a letter sent to about 20 European leaders warning of “a massive network of Hams operatives and the growing activism of Hamas across Europe,” December 2023.:

    My comment: Whatever is happening in Europe is very very bad for the original Europeans. Their culture, religion and society is about to disappear under a waive of Arab terrorism. That will make them easy targets for Russia or China or both.”

  • In late December 2023 a person typed online
    “No words can adequately describe what monsters Hamas and their sympathizers are, but the following article contains GRAPHIC details from a NYT investigation detailing many of Hamas’ sexual atrocities against women on 10/7. I wasn’t able to include photos from the article.

    ‘Screams Without Words’: How Hamas Weaponized Sexual Violence on Oct. 7

    A Times investigation uncovered new details showing a pattern of rape, mutilation and extreme brutality against women in the attacks on Israel.
    By Jeffrey Gettleman, Anat Schwartz and Adam Sella Photographs by Avishag Shaar-Yashuv
    Jeffrey Gettleman, Anat Schwartz and Adam Sella reported from across Israel and interviewed more than 150 people.

    * Dec. 28, 2023”

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “*If you think the Palestinians are just innocent civilians,* you must at least acknowledge the fact that *Hamas has taken them all hostages to its brutal terrorist ideology.*

    Take a look at this math test, for example:

    *Question 1*: Hamas fires a 50 kg missile at speed i towards occupied Tel Rabia (Tel Aviv) at a distance of 90.25 kilometers
    At what speed will he fly, at what maximum height will he fly, and how long will it take him to reach occupied Tel Aviv?

    *Question 2*: A man carries on his shoulders a coffin weighing 200 Newton and 2 meters long at the funeral of a Shahid weighing 80 Newton.
    The center of gravity of the Shahid is 0.5 meters from the left edge of the coffin, as in the figure. Calculate the strength of each of the two legs to lift the coffin.

    So… maybe they’re not so innocent, nor civilians? 🤔

    The world should see this. Please share.


  • A person typed online earlier today
    “We can learn from our friends in Texas.

    The idiom “all hat no cattle” refers to individuals who act pretentiously or put on a show of being something they are not. It is often used to describe someone who boasts about their abilities or status but lacks the substance to back up their claims.

    Let’s explore its core meanings:

    It often refers to someone who is boastful or pretentious.
    It implies a lack of substance behind grand claims or ostentatious displays.
    Despite its Texan roots, it can be used in any context to describe pretentious behavior.”

  • A person typed online this January 2024
    “Wars are nasty.. more so when it’s against a terror organization that is fighting guerrilla warfare using its own civilians as human shields.

    Before criticizing Israel, the US and NATO must remember how they performed in Iraq and Serbia.

    When Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was interviewed about the Iraq war on 60 minutes, Lesley Stahl asked her:

    “We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it? “

    Madeleine Albright answered: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price—we think the price is worth it!”

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “Does anyone else think about how little Jewish lives mean to the world?

    Jewish men tortured, kidnapped and murdered.. ho hum no one cares. No “Jewish lives matter”.. no protests. In order to squeeze out even a miniscule emotional response for the suffering of Jews, we have to parade out our young daughters almost to the exclusion of anyone else. Because the face of a pretty girl MIGHT manage to evoke some sympathy .. despite the fact that she is Jewish.”

  • Another person typed online earlier today
    “I wonder what would’ve happened if the world applied even 1/3 of the pressure it applied on Israel these past months on Hamas instead. What would’ve happened if they all threatened Hamas with retribution for not surrendering and releasing hostages? How many IDF soldiers and Palestinans would still be alive today? How many hostages would be at home? The countries that care so much and do so little and harrangue only those they do not fear, are ineffectual at best and complicit at worst.”

  • A person typed online earlier today:

    “The “innocent” residents of Gaza are celebrating the barrage of rockets launched this evening (a statistical weapon) towards the concentrations of the civilian population in central Israel. – Launching a statistical (inaccurate) weapon at population concentrations is considered a war crime according to international law.”

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “Israel has been fighting the terrorists with one hand tied behind their back. The Hezbollah threat could have been neutralized after Oct 7, when they started their attacks on Israel.
    The Israeli Air Force was in the air when Biden threatened, and demanded Israel not retaliate and return to their bases.”

  • From the New York Post an article is headlined
    “The deafening, disgusting silence of women’s groups on Hamas rapes continues”
    By Mark Penn and Andrew Stein
    Published Jan. 9, 2024

  • 2 days ago a person typed online
    “Can any of you guess whats Hamas’s most popular item that they smuggle into gaza?

    Answer: Alcohol. Hamas has been running smuggling operations within Gaza for many years via tunnels. Items like weapons, electronic goods, designer clothing (knock off and authentic), adult entertainment items but the most popular item that resulted in most profit is alcohol

    For those of you who answer: goat, inflatable sex doll (of a goat) or dildo, then I’m sure it goes hand in hand with their closet drinking habit 😉”

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