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Self-hating “Israeli” Jewish leftist Natalie Portman condemns Israel again

בס”ד Like most Jewish actors and entertainers, Natalie Portman is a self-hating, cowardly, egotistical elitist. The Israeli-born Portman has a notorious history of attacking Israel and siding with the worst Jew-hating scum. In her latest interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Portman condemns even the wimpy Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “I’m very much against Netanyahu. Against. I am very, very […]

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Is the Paris massacre also because of “Israeli occupation”? Muslim terrorists murder 12 in France

בס”ד When will we finally learn that the problem is the Muslim terrorists believe that they have to slaughter all non-Muslim “infidels”? The Muslim mass murderers do not even accept the existence of nations such as France and the United States. They will certainly never accept the existence of a tiny Jewish state in the middle of the Arab world. […]

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