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Is the Paris massacre also because of “Israeli occupation”? Muslim terrorists murder 12 in France

בס”ד When will we finally learn that the problem is the Muslim terrorists believe that they have to slaughter all non-Muslim “infidels”? The Muslim mass murderers do not even accept the existence of nations such as France and the United States. They will certainly never accept the existence of a tiny Jewish state in the middle of the Arab world. […]

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Islam at its best! Arabs open Jewish grave and photograph themselves with the corpse

בס”ד Islam at its best! The Arab Muslim youths in the picture below decided that traditional attacking of Jews such as stone throwing, murder, or raping women is “old fashioned” and there is a need to be more “creative”, so they went to one of the Jewish cemeteries in their country (Algeria), opened one of the graves and photographed themselves […]

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Not only the Arab Nazi terrorists are responsible for today’s massacre in Jerusalem

בס”ד Not only the Arab Nazi terrorists are responsible for today’s massacre in Jerusalem. The Netanyahu-Yaalon-Lieberman-Bennett-Lapid regime in Israel is also responsible. Four Jews were brutally murdered and five more are in critical condition after Arab Nazi terrorists entered a synagogue in Jerusalem with meat cleavers and guns to slaughter the unarmed Jewish worshippers. The evil Netanyahu regime gives millions […]

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‘Alarming’ Memo Reveals Obama Admin Plans to Bring Foreign Ebola Patients to U.S.

Republican leaders with jurisdiction over immigration policy are expressing shock at an Obama administration memo detailing plans to bring non-citizen Ebola patients to the United States for treatment. “It’s alarming that senior Obama Administration officials so vehemently denied the existence of any plans to transport non-U.S. citizens infected with Ebola to the United States for treatment when a leaked State […]

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