Bannon wanted to move the Israel embassy to Jerusalem; Kushner blocked it

A new article published in Vanity Fair in the wake of Steve Bannon’s departure from the White House cites “Bannon’s allies” as saying that Bannon had “lobbied Trump aggressively to move America’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but was blocked by [Jared] Kushner.”

There is no such thing as “Palestine” or a “Palestinian”. It is a lie and a propaganda war intended to destroy Israel the Jewish people. Click here for more information.

“And, according to three Bannon allies, Bannon pushed a tougher line against the Palestinians than Kushner did. In May, when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visited the White House, Bannon stayed home. ‘I’m not going to breathe the same air as that terrorist,’ Bannon texted a friend.”

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  • Amazing that Bannon’s attitude and agenda would differ from Anti-God Trump and his self hating Jew son in law Kushner.
    Maybe it was Bannon’s and Kushner’s idea’s that clashed that Trump removed Bannon and has given him a postition outside the government ..still doing Trump’s bidding just depends on the issue(‘s)

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