Ben Gvir police immunity proposal would be a disaster (video)


A brief Hebrew video with English subtitles (after the first 8 seconds).

Please promote this important video everywhere possible.

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  • Zeldin gonna win.

  • Is Zeldin ahead in the Polls ?

  • We Need to Refute and Debunk the Lies of Kyrie Irving

  • Kyrie Irving is a Black Traitor to the Jewish people

  • on
    November 1, 2022 has an article headlined
    “British-American Influencer Andrew Tate Converts To Islam, Says: ISIS Are ‘The Real Muslims’; Pro-ISIS Outlet Shares Tate’s Video, Expresses Support”
    Other online articles confirm that
    Andrew Tate has sadly
    Converted to Islam

  • Someone once said about the Mideast Confict, and how some Israel Supporters can’t stand the Arabs and Fakestinians that
    “Arab-Hatred is No Better than
    Some people rightly replied
    “No, Jew-Hatred is Infinitely Much Worse and the Ultimate Evil Sin, crime against God and Humanity.
    Arabs don’t matter,
    Arabs have Never been hated, persecuted and murdered all throughout human history everywhere in the World like the Jews have. Arabs have Never Suffered All throughout Human History Everywhere like the Jews have. They aren’t sensitive and self-hating like the Jews are. There is No
    Universal Anti-Arab Hatred , The Arabs have almost 1,000 Times More Land in the Mideast than Israel, and Hundreds of Millions more people than Israel, so Arabs don’t matter” Do we agree with that Statement ?

    • Again , Arabs don’t count , when have Arabs ever been Hated or Persecuted like Jews have ?
      Never , Instead it is the Arabs who promote Hate and Persecution

    • Plus people also replied that
      Jew-Hatred is Infinitely Worse because in the Midest Conflict
      Fakestinians and Arabs don’t fear death like Normal people do, they want to die in battle and become “Martyrs” They
      often murder other Fakestinians, their birthrate is sadly very high and they breed Relentlessly

  • The website has an article headlined
    “The Greatest Murder Machine in History: the REAL Non-Politically Correct History of Islam’s Brutality”
    By IIandET Staff -December 2, 2016
    Also many other online articles State how Islam has Murdered
    over 669 Million Non-Muslims since 622 A.D. Google It

  • Yup, they did this in the USSR and China and they are doing the same thing in much of America. They always use it against innocent people or people who commit “victimless crimes” or misdemeanors. Never on Felons, murderers rapists, pedos ETC.

    The police are mostly made up of pedos and rapists.

    This will just give them the green light to do MORE DAMAGE. TO JEWS NOT ARABS

    Make no mistake this is coming to all of America.

    • Kyle, on your post of
      November 3, 2022 , you
      Started with the Words
      “Yup, they did this in the USSR and China and they are doing the same thing in much of America. ” who is the “they” that did this in
      the USSR and China, who is the
      “they” you are referring to ?

    • Kyle, how long do you estimate before there is a Nazi Holocaust in
      America ?

  • Zeldy Zeldin next governor.

  • Kyle, so do you agree with the
    November 2, 2022 statement regarding someone who once said
    “Arab-Hatred is No Better than
    Jew-Hatred” and the people who explained why Jew-Hatred is Infinitely Worse and how
    Arabs don’t matter.
    It’s disgusting how as Always the whole World is United Against the Jews and Israel
    Don’t the Anti-Semites and Jew-Haters realize many Jews and people who are part Jewish don’t like being Jewish or looking Jewish either .
    Plus are you saying that there are No Victimless Crimes ?

  • Plus Kanye West had to pay a
    Huge Settlement for Mentioning and praising Adolf Hitler in the Workplace and making Anti-Semitic comments, his precious
    “Free Speech” didn’t get him off in the Lawsuit , he had to pay a Huge Settlement
    Not only that , we all Know that when Kanye or some other Heartless Worthless Loser Jew-Hater ,
    Anti-Semite praises Hitler or Committs a Hate Crime in Hitler’s Name in 2022 and beyond, it Only Increases Hitler’s Suffering and Torment in Hell and then
    The Lake of Fire. Hitler died in
    1945 , but Every Crime committed in his name, inspired by him Since his Death only Increases God’s Wrath upon him, Hitler is Held Fully Accountable for Crimes Committed in his name, Crimes Inspired by Him,

  • Any Opinions on the
    Southern Poverty Law Center ?

  • Zeldy Zeldin is gonna win .

  • Esau Always Hates Jacob , it’s an Eternal Hatred that Transcends Time and Space .
    Is it wrong or evil to think that within every Gentile is a
    Jew-Killer or a potential Jew-Killer .. ? In the Aftermath of the
    Holocaust is it wrong to have that belief ?

  • A Christian recently typed online
    “How can you hate Jews and love Jesus? Isn’t this a contradiction? I guess some don’t see the connection. All one has to do is read “Night” or “Man’s Search for Meaning” to see that there isn’t an evil imaginable that hasn’t been done to the Jews. Cheers! Personally, I love all people, but especially the Jewish people. I love Jewish culture and food. I’m fascinated. I would love to learn more. “

  • Again , Arabs don’t count , when have Arabs ever been Hated or Persecuted like Jews have ?
    Never , Instead it is the Arabs who promote Hate and Persecution

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