Biden: Muslim Immigration Not Going to Stop


Obama tried to counter the Paris Unity March, which his administration boycotted, with a seminar on “Countering Violent Extremism”. CVE continues to mean pandering to the Muslim Brotherhood and refusing to deal with Islamic terrorism. Obama is claiming that the solution is to teach the true peaceful nature of Islam while continuing to push the lie that the Chapel Hill killings targeted Muslims. Biden is cheerleading all that Muslim immigration. “I’m proud of the American record on culture and economic integration of not only our Muslim communities but African communities, Asian communities, Hispanic communities,” Biden said.
Lucianne’s Comments:

Obama, Biden, et al are directing the way to national suicide. Someday soon we will resemble the UK and other countries who have destroyed themselves by allowing these people into this country during a time of war with radical Islam. It is so terribly disconcerting. And of course you are called a racist or Islamaphobe if you want to protect your country.

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