BOMBSHELL: Judge Roy Moore Accuser Worked for Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden Campaigns, Part of the ‘Resistance’

The Washington Post hatchet job, conveniently produced a month before the Alabama Senate election on December 12, wants us to believe that Christian constitutionalist Judge Roy Moore, 70, a former member of the Alabama Supreme Court who stood up to vicious leftist attacks for his fight for real marriage and the Ten Commandments, sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl when he was 32, in 1979, and that somehow — after 40 years in public service — (judges are elected in Alabama where Moore served on the Alabama Supreme Court) this “news” never before surfaced.

Now we are learning — not shockingly — that the false accusations against Judge Roy Moore are politically motivated.

Deborah Wesson Gibson, one of Roy Moore’s accusers, is a member of Progressive Politics Alabama and is someone who worked on the political campaigns of both 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and former Obama regime Vice President Joe Biden, providing sign language services.

Moreover, as the leading newspaper in Alabama reports, Gibson also provides services to leading Democrats like Sen. Patrick Murphy and Bill Nelson and shared campaign fliers of Roy Moore’s Democrat opponent, Doug Jones, for the Alabama election slated for December 12.

Gibson did not respond to texts or email messages seeking a comment from about her politically-charged accusations. Other reports indicate that the accusers, Leigh Corfman and Gibson, have a history of making false allegations.


  • The person that claims she wasn’t 14 is an open white nationalists. You think that is someone credible.

    By continuing to claims this is all a lie only shows your group to be a completely subservient to Evangelists.

    In fact child marriage is also a problem among home schooled Evangelists who want someone 16 or even 15 and 20 is “too old”.

    I guess you people feel that an autocracy is fine and a judge shouldn’t listen to other judges who feel that is a 5,000 lb ten commandment rock is going too far.

    And if he is so into it shouldn’t he be honest here instead of being caught lying for example that the restaurant he claims was dry wasn’t so.

  • oh yeah and show me these statistics that show evangelicals marrying up the 15-16 year olds and leaving the 20 year olds to become spinsters.

  • Well check this article out. Child Marriage and the Rest of the Maranatha Story Marriage of Mathew and Maranatha Chapman.

    She was 15 and he was 27. This is creepy.

    This link is from an LA Times article which you will find if you google Moore and LA times.

    Vaughn Ohlman advocates this. Duck Dynasty star advocates this. This is sick. To many actually do it. I don’t think so but I don’t see many Muslims doing it either. There is no reason anyone should marry someone at 15 and that 20 is too old but that is what this guy from Duck Dynasty has said. It isn’t jus Muslims you fools.

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