College Course on ‘White Racism’ Teaches All Whites ‘Operate to Maintain Racial Domination’

Leave it to the racist liberals to claim all white people are “racists” because of the color of their skin.

Florida Gulf Coast University is offering a “White Racism” class teaching that the U.S. is a white supremacist society.

“Many whites have subscribed to and promoted racist ideologies, championed and/or enacted scores of racist laws, policies, practices, and traditions, and made incalculable decisions in their daily lives that have operated to maintain white racial domination over blacks and other people of color for hundreds of years,” said Ted Thornhill, a professor of sociology at Florida Gulf Coast University, according to Fox News.

Thornhill has 50 students signed up and ready to take his class.

The class will discuss “slavery, genocide, internment, segregation, discrimination, rape, violence, and theft against non-Europeans throughout U.S. history,” Thronhill told Hello SWFL.

The course shouldn’t be misinterpreted as “anti-white,” however, just “anti-white racism.” Although Thornhill acknowledges whites “derive, in some measure, material and psychological benefits by virtue of being racialized as white.”

The class, Thornhill says, is about the “about the search for truth” and any controversy the course may gin up about what it teaches or its name proves its “urgency,” Fox News reports.

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