Common Core Lesson Plan Teaches Hamas and Fatah Terrorists Are “Peaceful” – Role Plays for the Division of Jerusalem

Hamas Terrorist Suicide Bombers

These Hamas suicide bombers just look so peaceful.

A Massachusetts program for middle- and high-school students is coming under fire for its political bent and anti-Israel bias.

According to a report in the publication The College Fix, the workshop teaches that Hamas and Fatah — which began as the [so-called] Palestinian National Liberation Movement founded by Yasser Arafat — promote “more peaceful means than intifada”; that Hamas is a political party, not a terrorist group; that Fatah and Hamas are political parties equivalent to Likud and Labor in Israel; that the use of drones to stop terrorists are like high-tech suicide bombers who kill innocents; that Hamas and Jews have equal claim to Jerusalem; and that the Palestinians have equal claim to land where Israel exists today.

The lesson plan has been approved nationally for the Common Core curriculum, The College Fix reports.

The program, “Whose Jerusalem?” is offered through the nonprofit “Axis of Hope,” which operates out of the Boston University Global Literary Institute, working with some 25 high schools in various states and three foreign schools, according to The College Fix.

And it is Common Core-approved, “despite its bias and serious flaws,” charges Americans for Peace and Tolerance president Charles Jacobs, The College Fix says.

The workshop requires students to play the parts of Arab, Israeli, or American leaders negotiating a “best alternative to a negotiated agreement” for the division of Jerusalem.

Boston University instructor Carl Hobart, who created the program, insists the classes are
simple conflict resolution.

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  • People have to understand that a large component of Common Core is indoctrination not education. Because Common Core lesson content is kept such a secret from parents, they have no idea.

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