• Who is to say these vaccines are safe? The nys bar association wants them to be mandatory. Should they be?

  • Homelessness could be cured too but we live in a selfish society.

  • Exactly! Were wasting all this money and effort on AIDS and other incurable diseases just to appease the sodomites so they can be disgusting perverts without any consequences. There will never be a cure. There is only two ways to prevent it, its called monogamy not to mention abstinence.

    By the way, we have a cure for cancer already. Its called the immune system. We all have some cancer in our bodies but our immune systems take it out. For some people who live unhealthy lives or have weak immune systems like the elderly it overwhelms and kills them.

    Chemo and radiation doesn’t really work that well. The key is getting the immune system back on track!

  • thanks again

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