Cruz: Trump Can’t Defend Record, So Engages In Profanity

cruz_trumpTed Cruz says Donald Trump has no choice but to engage in profanity because the billionaire businessman can’t defend his record.

Cruz briefly addressed Trump’s latest insult Tuesday afternoon as he greeted voters inside Manchester’s Red Arrow Diner, a must-stop for candidates in both parties.

“Part of the reason that Donald engages in insults is because he can’t discuss the substance. He can’t defend his record. For example, a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Obamacare,” Cruz told reporters as he walked into the diner.

Trump has said that’s a “lie.” Cruz charges that Trump supports universal health care that could lead to health care rationing.

Cruz says, “Donald can’t defend that. So instead, his approach is to engage in a profane insult. I’m not going to respond in kind.”

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