• Thomas Driscoll age 57 retired Connecticut state trooper killed in Las Vegas by street bum. One punch to the face and Driscoll fell to the ground and died. Mainstream media ignoring story. Is it because of the race of the attacker? Share this story.

    • Normally I have little respect for Connecticut Police Nazis because they are such jerks and tyrants not to mention lazy bums themselves who allow crime to fester there especially in Hartford and New London and support communist Democrats and policies like The seizure of property and destruction of Turnbull Park in Kelo V New London and the murder and unjust arrests of innocent Whites and blacks. But this is unfortunate. And yes. They ignore it because of the race of the attacker. The media never reports it unless they have to and they only do so for as little as they can and then quickly move on.

      If I recall Thomas Driscoll was on bum fights and was filmed robbing cars in a casino parking lot.

  • thanks- hope you are feeling better

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