Debunking of Climate Change Fraud Spreads to (Gasp!) California!

Jerry Brown, Governor of California, is a world-class expert on two subjects: 1. Wasteful spending of taxpayer money, and 2. Raising taxes to pay for 1.

Most assuredly, Brown is NOT an expert,or even a respectable amateur, when it comes to science and the global warming/climate change controversy.

Which means that it makes perfect sense to ignore Brown’s statement that blamed California’s drought on climate change.

As reported:

California drought: Natural patterns, not human-caused climate change, federal study finds



An atmospheric ridge over the North Pacific, which limited rain and snowfall over the past three years, was “due to natural variations of ocean systems, with sea surface temperatures largely responsible,” said Richard Seager, lead author of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration-sponsored study, in a Monday news conference.



The conditions that led to the drought, a pesky high-pressure system dubbed the “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge,” have now vanished—although they could change again before the end of the winter, the scientists added.



“We now seem to get getting into a Lingering Low,” said co-author Marty Hoerling, researcher with NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory, noting that precipitation in the northern Sierra is 122 percent of normal. “There has been a spiral of storms that have found their way to our coast, and we are grateful for that.”

Perhaps now Jerry Brown will get back to outrageous spending and tax hikes while leaving science and climate to those who know what the heck they are talking about!

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