Democrat Alabama Senate Candidate Doug Jones is Linked to the KKK

Honestly, where is the outcry??

Much of the focus of the Alabama U.S. Senate race has been focused on the last-minute political character assassination against conservative constitutionalist and former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Judge Roy Moore.

As the days have gone since the hit piece from the leftist Washington Post — who previously endorsed the Democrat in the race, Doug Jones — as well as an accuser trotted out by notorious Democrat ambulance chaser Gloria Allred, the stories contrived from 40 years ago, like the forged yearbook (we must assume it’s a fake since Allred refuses to submit it for forensic testing) that was supposed to prove Moore’s guilt are discrediting the allegations presented one month before an election on a man who has been a public figure and ran several state-wide races in his 40 year career.

But we are now learning, thanks to FOX News, that Democrats are going to have to explain why they would support a man — Democrat Doug Jones — who is linked to the KKK:

The Democratic nominee in the heated Alabama Senate race once defended a man in court who has ties to the Ku Klux Klan and Holocaust deniers, complicating his record on the campaign trail as a civil rights champion.

Fox provides further sordid details that should be a major embarrassment to the Democrat Party, Doug Jones, and the sycophantic leftist media who have — of course — covered Jones with lavish praise:

His lesser-known record as a private defense attorney in the 1980s is often overlooked. In one case, he defended Tom Posey, the infamous figure during the Iran-Contra scandal, who had ties with the KKK and Holocaust deniers.

Posey was a well-known Alabama right-wing extremist activist. In 1983, he founded the Civilian Military Assistance (CMA), a paramilitary group that first provided arms and training to rebels in Nicaragua, but later expanded its activities and gained notoriety in 1986 after holding 15 illegal immigrants at gunpoint after they tried to cross the border from Mexico, the Arizona Republic reported July 8, 1986.

Jones represented Posey in 1987 amid allegations of illegal arms shipping to the Nicaraguan rebels fighting the socialist government at a time when such activity was prohibited as the U.S. was not officially at war with Nicaragua. He got off the charges thanks to Jones’ representation.

On Tuesday, President Trump all but endorsed Judge Roy Moore, telling reporters that the last thing Alabama needs is a liberal Democrat representing them:

“I can tell you one thing for sure, we don’t need a liberal person in there, a Democrat — Jones — I’ve looked at his record. It’s terrible on crime, it’s terrible on the border, it’s terrible on the military…bad for the Second Amendment.”

Democrat Doug Jones has also come under fire for his radical anti-life, pro-abortion position, believing that it’s somehow moral to murder a child at any point prior to birth.


  • Whatever he is how can you think Moore is any better. This is no better then Hillary vs Trump.

    Moore has praised Putin. That doesn’t bother you. That in itself shows that Moore is a phony and religion is only used as a cover for consolidating power just as Putin does.

    Why do you not believe these terrible stories of Moore being interested in dating teenage girls and gong to the places they congregate. As someone in their 30’s. You don’t have a problem with this. It is not normal and shows a man that lacks the ability to have social relations with people his own age.

    You think everyone in Alabama is lying and doesn’t like him because of his politics. That shows the political tribalism takes priority over all else. In fact Moore himself doesn’t even deny it as his answers were all half answers and unconvincing. In fact his own wife was 15 when he first was interested in her based on his own writings.

    Is radical Islam to blame for this. What is wrong with you people. You are no different then leftists it is just the wrong identity politics. If you support Moore you have no credibility. In fact it seems you want to use Islam to blame for the fact that in Judaism and Christianity as well there are some that want to date underage girls.

    And by the way he was a Democrat back when all this happened.

  • And Trump himself is supporting Moore while others are keeping a distance. Trump right when Moore won deleted his emails about supporting Strange. If Moore was a true conservative I don’t think Trump would be supporting him. But he is not. He is another populists who supports Putin and believes Putin is “saving Christianity”. You’re take on Moore is wrong.

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