• Self-described “Quintessential Liberal” Alan Dershowitz likes to claim he’s the architect of the current 2 state plan.

    • Avner , did you read the various editions of “The Case for Israel” by Alan Dershowitz , he Refutes and Debunks All the Lies and
      Fake News against Israel
      The Fakestinians will Never accept the 2 State Plan .
      The Fakestinian people already have their Nation , it’s called
      Jordan, Jordan is Palestine

  • Don’t forget Jesse Jackson Mike Pflegger, Jeremiah Wright and the rest.

  • Speaking about the
    Democrats, did you know that
    Vice President
    Kamala Harris is married to a Jewish man named
    Doug Emhoff
    And all three of Joe Biden’s children have married Jews, look it up
    Joe & Jill Biden are both
    Roman Catholics, the point is that there are still many Jews in the
    Democrat party, and it’s sadly Not Helping American Jews or Israel.
    The Democrat Party is Nobody’s Friend, the Republican party is bad in many ways also

  • Farrakhan deserved to get Cancer years ago, his Cancer was probably God Punishing him for his precious “Free Speech” hateful remarks against Jews and Whites
    We all wish Farraclown had died ,
    We all wish Farracrazie had died,

  • foxnews.com has an article headlined
    “Farrakhan claims to be Jesus in ‘Saviours’ Day’ address: ‘I am the Messiah’ ”
    By Caleb Parke  on
    April 4, 2019

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