Donald Trump Is Really Bad At Pretending to Be Religious

trump_fake_religiousEven when mentioning the Bible, Trump disrespectfully plugs his own book “Art of the Deal”.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump knew that the missing piece in his Republican race smack-down was catching the loving eye of America’s evangelical population. The problem is that the only god Trump prays to is the God of Money.

Trump already had a rough start with the religious right when he tried to quote the Bible, referring to “two Corinthians” while speaking to an evangelical college. The flub circulated all over the internet as proof that the real estate mogul wasn’t all that into the whole “reading the Bible” thing. But evangelicals were willing to forgive Trump for that flub.

The question is, will they also forgive this creepy campaign ad where Trump is clearly pandering to Bible-lovers? Probably so.

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