• We should discard every condom in Eretz Yisrael.

  • Chaim Thank you for bringing up Rudolph Kastner Ymach Shmo.

    Hauptstrumfuhrer Kurt Beecher Ymach Shmo was a friend of my family. My evil family. He worked with Kastner. I don’t believe I’ve read the books you mentioned but I’ve always known for a fact he was an appeaser and traitor who pretended to save Jews but sold them out.

    Doesn’t surprise me that his Grandaughter is just as evil. Ugly too. Looks like a lesbo. I wonder…

    Oh, Kurt Beecher, he robbed the Jews of their wealth and Kastner helped him get off of war crimes. Then he was put on trial. He kileld 740000 jews in Hungary and KASTNER GOT HIM OFF AND LIED TO THE NUREMBERG COURTS AND HELPED HIM GO FREE!

    Thank G-d Kastner was killed. Better than he deserved I think. Uncle Kurt used the stolen money from Jews to buy horses. He was a big equestrian. and he bought horses for the SS Deathhead cavalry. Himmler appointed him to manage the money stolen from jews. He Embezzeled most of it and when he finally croaked he was worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

    And he was a snitch. A rat. Ratted out fellow SS members to hide his own crimes.

    Sick. You should do a show about that.

  • That Fakistinian Christian beast Sirhan Sirhan was just granted parole. I am ashamed to be an American.

    • I know, its outrageous

      • Agreed. I think Biden or Harris is going to pardon Mumual Jamal or Assata Shakur. I have a 50 dollar bet with a friend of mine in Orange county that either of them will do it. I also believe Biden or Harris will pardon Richard Reid, John Lindh and/or zacharias moussaui. I’m telling ya, its gonna happen. Nothing suprises me anymore with this bunch of marxist catholic thugs.

  • thanks for this video

  • Female Insomniac in Israel

    Strongly disagree that the fall in marriages since 2008 is due to lack of religion or feminism. I have not noticed any difference in religious observance in Israel neither in statistics or in practise.

    The fall in marriages is due to the gender imbalance among the secular in Israel. In every society where there are more women than men, the marriage rate goes down. This is observed by many sociologists. The number of Israeli secular men that have gone to live abroad for career reasons (yerida) has gone up while the aliya has more females.

    Feminism is much stronger in the USA than Israel. You can not assume it is the same as Israel.

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