Facebook deletes 288,000 “hate speech” posts monthly including counter-jihad posts

Facebook’s massive smearing of legitimate perspectives as “hate speech” and wholesale blocking or removal of counter-jihad material — and to focus on Muslims, and specifically the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations, as if they were the real victims of this censorship. In reality, it is being done on their behalf: Facebook’s Vice President Joel Kaplan traveled to Pakistan in July to assure the Pakistani government that it would remove “anti-Islam” material.

“In February, amid mounting concerns over Facebook’s role in the spread of violent live videos and fake news, Zuckerberg said the platform had a responsibility to ‘mitigate the bad’ effects of the service in a more dangerous and divisive political era.”

In mid-February, traffic to Jihad Watch from Facebook dropped suddenly by 90% and has never recovered. We do not post any hateful or provocative material and neither incite nor approve of violence, but Facebook is acting as judge, jury and executioner in all this. There is no appeal and no recourse.

This is at heart a Sharia endeavor, an Islamic supremacist attempt to compel the West to adopt Sharia blasphemy laws forbidding criticism of Islam, and it’s working well. So well, in fact, that as it goes on, as the ground is being cut out from under the feet of those whom she opposes, Hamas-linked CAIR’s Zahra Balloo can play the victim in the Washington Post.


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