Forensic Investigators on 2 Continents Confirm “Obama’s Birth Certificate Is a Forgery”

Now we are starting to find out more and more about the former president.

For 8 years we had to see Michelle and Barack embarrass our country time and time again. The worst part about all of it is that he should have never been in office to begin with. We have seen that President Obama lied many times in office. Well, here is one more thing he lied about. It has been reported that Obama used a fake birth certificate in order to become President.

Obama’s birth certificate has been under intense scrutiny, being investigated by President Trump himself numerous times. But, as he was a liberal, nothing was ever done to investigate it further. Obvious, this man being in office was a sham and he needs to see criminal action taken against him.

Italian investigators proved that his birth certificate was a fake after intense investigations took place. Barack Obama did so much harm to our country that we are just now seeing things get better. When we have a president like him, it takes a lot to come back from. It is disheartening to see that we should have never had to deal with him in the first place. But that is what the liberals do every day.

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