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[1] Pro-Israel rally with 300,000 Jews is ruined by Jewish leaders (JTF video)

[2] Israel's insane ceasefire and release of 150 Nazi terrorist murderers (video)

[3] The REAL truth about the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel (JTF video)

[4] Proof that we Kahanists have been right from the start on Israel (video)

[5] Subtitled Video: Israel's cowardice in the Gaza war causes anti-Semitism

[6] Poll: Majority of young Americans support Hamas Nazis (JTF video)

[7] ZOA and the establishment Jews are traitors to the Jewish people (JTF video)

[8] After seeing this video, you will understand Islamic terrorism (JTF)

[9] Subtitled Video: Without slaughtering Arabs, Israel wouldn't have survived


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