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[1] ASK JTF 08/16/22 - Chaim Ben Pesach answers questions from JTFers

[2] Self-hating AIPAC traitors donate huge sums to 140 anti-Semitic House Democrats

[3] Israel must destroy Iran's bomb program to prevent a nuclear holocaust

[4] Yesha Council bluff vs. the REAL Jewish heroes of Judea and Samaria (video)

[5] Subtitled Video: Israeli historian interviews Chaim Ben Pesach PART 2

[6] Today's Jewish leaders would never have created Israel in 1948 (new video)

[7] Subtitled Video: Historian Interviews Former JDL Chairman Chaim Ben Pesach

[8] Thanks to JTF, destruction orders issued for illegal Arab building (video)

[9] Famous Israeli historian Dr. Uri Milstein interviews Chaim Ben Pesach


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