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[1] Biden wants to unilaterally recognize "Palestinian" terrorist state (JTF video)

[2] If Biden wins, another 20 million illegal aliens will flood the U.S. (JTF video)

[3] Historic announcement: ZIONISTS FOR TRUMP (JTF video)

[4] 68% of Israeli Jews want to expel Arabs from Gaza but traitor leaders won't

[5] 30% of young Americans support Osama Bin Laden; 51% support Hamas (JTF video)

[6] Who should Trump pick as his Vice Presidential running mate? (JTF video)

[7] Hilltop Youth blamed for 40 more Muslim families leaving Israel (JTF video)

[8] Debate between an Arab who calls for Israel's destruction and Chaim Ben Pesach

[9] No pride among white ethnic groups is destroying America (JTF video)


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