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[1] The REAL power behind the scenes - Klaus Schwab and Yuval Hariri (JTF video)

[2] The danger of massive bank failures (David Ben Moshe and Chaim Ben Pesach)

[3] Less censorship on Twitter enables JTF to run growing accounts (video)

[4] JTF's main Twitter accounts

[5] How to stop America's self-destruction (David Ben Moshe and Chaim Ben Pesach)

[6] U.S. and Israel should NOT help the Ukrainian Nazis (David Ben Moshe video)

[7] The solution to America's huge crime problem (video with David Ben Moshe)

[8] Young Israeli Jews retaliate against Arab Islamic terrorist mass murder (video)

[9] ADL traitors harm Israel and the Jewish people (Reuven and Chaim video)


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