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[1] Ted Cruz, Unconstitutional Candidate, Uses Mass Hypnosis Techniques

[2] Apocalypse Now Redux: Some Reflections

[3] Laura (Riding) Jackson(1901-1991):American critic, novelist, & essayist

[4] Jeb Bush: We Need to Control Border By Politely Asking Illegals to Leave

[5] 13 Illegal Aliens Posing as U.S. Marines Captured at Calif. Border

[6] Gowdy to Gruber: Is your apology because you said it or because you meant it?

[7] Welfare Blood

[8] This Woman Flubbed a Field Sobriety Test – The Reason She Got NO Punishment Will

[9] LIBERAL CHICK SINGS: "Illegals Are Going Off The Rails On A Death Train"


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