Author Topic: Arutz Sheva being frightened of "right wing men"(but women can be right wing)  (Read 2279 times)

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From what I have found out the last few days I have really lost ALL RESPECT for Arutz Sheva. If you are sincere in your beliefs I can respect you but I can't stand that are frauds. Well I don't know if people agree with me but I have been disturbed that Arutz Sheva doesn't have any good english male hosts and they all sound scared of what they say while the women seem to be able to say what they want. Then I found out they support women in green but men who think are too right wing and speak too strongly they will fire from Arutz Sheva. Do people agree or disagree? I don't know who is the management is and why they do this. I know that some men like to have spare women if their marriges aren't going well or are divorced or it could just be they are power mad and are afriad of men that know more then they do.

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good point. I remember they fired Dov Shurin.