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Baruch HaShem, 4 New JTF Videos (11/01)

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Chaim Ben Pesach:

(The Legacy Of Rabbi Meir Kahane)

(Clinton Will Give Drivers Licenses To Illegal Aliens)

(Democrats: Let Terrorist Iran Develop Nuclear Bombs)

(Croatian Nazi Band Tours America, Canada)

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I like all videos of Chaim. But two are not only good, but very good.

I like most : "The Legacy Of Rabbi Meir Kahane" and "Croatian Nazi Band Tours America, Canada"

Perhaps some important politicans will listen. Very big injustice happening to the serbs till this day. I don't know the reasons of American foreign policy, but in my oppinion a country is able to have friends, not only [wrong] interests.

After the short time I am on this forum I have understand it. There are only two ways to handle the muslime threat:

Either they change honestly or they have to leave. :)


--- Quote from: Chaim Ben Pesach on November 01, 2007, 11:02:50 AM ---                                       
(Croatian Nazi Band Tours America, Canada)

--- End quote ---

Shalloom  & Pomoz Bog (may God be with you)
May God bless you Chain ben Pessach for this video my Jewish brother.
I have now more respect for you and your movement.

I am very surprised by this video.
You are exposing Croatian Nazism.
Croatia victimized my self and my Serbian people from Krajina.
They exiled us from our homeland Krajina.
Nobody defended us! Not physically, not political, not social.
We were betrayed by the whole world including by our motherland Serbia which was under Milosevic’s communist control. 

It is 12 years ago from the Croatian aggression against the Serbian Republic of Krajina.
Nobody said something. Nobody judges Croatian crimes against Serbs in WW2 and in the period of 1990 – 1995.

Our current government wouldn’t never say something like what you said.
Nobody remembers the pains of the Serbian Republic of Krajina and her people.

This means a lot for us. This is not something small.

Wayne Jude:
Love our Serbian Christian Brothers.Sorry our Country attacked you and for the first time attacked Christians on behalf of mooslimes! >:( :)


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