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Baruch HaShem, 4 New JTF Videos (11/01)

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--- Quote from: DALMACIJA on November 01, 2007, 04:53:11 PM ---
--- Quote from: Chaim Ben Pesach on November 01, 2007, 11:02:50 AM ---                                       
(Croatian Nazi Band Tours America, Canada)

--- End quote ---

Shalloom  & Pomoz Bog (may G-d be with you)
May G-d bless you Chain ben Pessach for this video my Jewish brother.
I have now more respect for you and your movement.

I am very surprised by this video.
You are exposing Croatian Nazism.
Croatia victimized my self and my Serbian people from Krajina.
They exiled us from our homeland Krajina.
Nobody defended us! Not physically, not political, not social.
We were betrayed by the whole world including by our motherland Serbia which was under Milosevic’s communist control. 

It is 12 years ago from the Croatian aggression against the Serbian Republic of Krajina.
Nobody said something. Nobody judges Croatian crimes against Serbs in WW2 and in the period of 1990 – 1995.

Our current government wouldn’t never say something like what you said.
Nobody remembers the pains of the Serbian Republic of Krajina and her people.

This means a lot for us. This is not something small.

--- End quote ---

Thank you, DALMACIJA,
for annoucing me
what JTF did about
our struggle

I did not believe in
a kind of JTF video
like this any more.......

I'm happy to see I was wrong !!!


I am about to cry...
I do not realize what is happening...

 O0 O0 O0

 O0 O0 O0

 O0 O0 O0



 :) :) :)



You provided JTF information about the plans for the Nazi Croatian concert of the band Thompson on American soil.

It is good to see something about Nazi Croatia on the media.
We must show the world the real face of Nazi Croatia.
The last 20 years were the years of western media lies against us the Serbs.
It is time to end that evil period of lies.

The average European still believes western media lies against Serbs.
People are not optimally educated. For example many Americans also believe that Saddam Hussein had strong connections with the network of Alqiada.
The current American media is misleading her own people.

We need an alternative source of real information.
That's why we need immediately to make JTF a mass movement.
Because we need real institutions of information.
JTF members must become men of influence in the USA.

I totally support that!

I'm so happy that our fantastic Serb members like the video so much!

Dear Chaim,

I really feel sorry for you, for you haven't looked at 2 sides of a story but taken one side, the serbian side and really made some hatefull comments towards Croatians.  Serbs are clean enemies of Croatians, how can you possibly think you would get a truthfull explanation from them.  It's like Palestinians coming out and saying none of them are or ever have been terrorists and the world trusting them and only them.  Natrually, there must be a second opinion from the Israeli side.  Did you know that during WW2, Belgrade (the Serbian capital if you didn't know), was one of the first cities in Europe to proclaim itself "jewish free'.  Did you know they are putting up a statue in Israel of Cardinal Stepinac, Croatia's cardinal during WW2, because he saved so many jewish people.  You cannot label every Croatian in the world to be some neo-nazi facist cause it's simply not true.  It's the truth that Serbs want you to believe.  And as for Marko Perkovic Thompson, he is not a neo-nazi facist either.  All he has ever said to people was to prove that he is and nobody has ever proved it .. of course, only Serbs .. why, because Marko sings songs of Croatian nationalism ... why is that wrong ?? Americans embrace nationalism .. in fact, the are so nationalistic that they go fight wars beyond there boarders.  Name one croatian in history that has ever stepped over his boarders ??!!  Marko Perkovic Thompson had a concert recently in Germany, 20,000 people in Frankfurt .. yes, Germany .. a country with some of the strongest hate laws in the world, and when the concert was attempted to be stopped ... the authorities couldn't find any reason to ... the translated all of Marko's lyrics ... nothing could be found.  Serbs are not friends of Jews, they are acting as your friends at the Croatian expense.  Look at what the previous poster has said ... croatians took him out of his homeland of Krajina ... Krajina is NOT a serbian region nor has it ever been in history.  It's Croatia !!!! If it was Serbia, why has the entire world recognized Croatia and it's borders ??!! This is so absured.  Look at the posters name .. DALMACIJA .. it's a region of CROATIA ... and yet a serb uses that nikcname.  You are being tricked and it's really sad that before posting such a sickening video like you did on youtube that you wouldn't attempt to get a second opinion on this whole situation.  

If you need some proof my firends ... here it is ... from Wikipedia ... read the bottom portion, JEWS IN BELGRADE.

"Before World War II some 10,000 Jews lived in Belgrade, 80% of whom were Spanish- or Ladino-speaking Sephardim, and 20% Yiddish-speaking Ashkenazim. By August 1942 the Serbian govemment proudly announce that Belgrade was the first city in the New Order to be Judenfrei or "free of Jews." [1]Only 1,115 of Belgrade's twelve thousand Jews would survive. Ninety-five per cent of the Jewish population of Serbia was exterminated.There were three concentration camps for Jews and Gypsies in the city at the time. The majority of Jews were murdered in Serbia."

Straight from Wikipedia.

Oh, and by the way, who started WW1 ... oh right, a Serb by killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand. 

I really hope you get your facts straight.  Your "friends" the serbs had a hand in killing many innocent Jewish people as well. 


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