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Jesse Jackson, YM"S.
« on: August 24, 2006, 03:29:14 PM »
This is from The Forum.


Apparently Jesse Jackson YSh"W is  leaving for the Middle East on Friday night.  His trip will include Israel.  He hasn't released his itinerary due to "security concerns."

What a shame.  I would very much like "welcome" him to Israel.

May I would show him the sghts, by leaving him in the middle of Qalqiliyah.  No wait, I know, I'd take him to a Beitar Yerushalyim game, and "introduce" him around to some of the fans, telling them in Hebrew that he's a very big B'nei Sachnin supporter.

I doubt even his security guards would have half a chance against our Holy Brother Arsim.

(laughing out loud)

Story reported by Israel-supporting, conservative writier Michelle Malkin at:

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Re: Jesse Jackson, YM"S.
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