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Hi Chaim,

Thank you for answering my question about Kushi Luther King/Martin Kushi King/Martin Luther Kushi. Did he mean what he said in any of his speeches? Were the "Pro-Zionist" speeches plagiarism? If so, who did he copy them from? I was told he really did plagiarize but he truly wrote the Pro-Zionist speeches on his own and was sincere in doing so.

I have also heard that there was an FBI conspiracy led by J. Edgar Hoover, a notorious cross dresser, to have King assassinated and even King's family forgave the convicted assassin and believes he was innocent. Is there any credence to this?

My new question is below which I originally posted a while ago in response to something you said on Ask JTF.

You mentioned that emunot tfillot (superstitions) are against Judaism. Does that include stuff like chamsa and other stuff that Sfardic Jews do such as putting garlic in the wall for good luck? My uncle puts garlic in the wall and my grandmother pours water on the ground when I leave her house on the way to the airport before I leave Israel.

Also, what do you think of chena before weddings? That seems to come from Pre-Islamic Middle Eastern idolatry as does chamsa.

Why do you say "Sefardic" when it should be Sfardic and "Sefardi" when it should be Sfaradi? Speaking of Sfaradim, the commenter from last week implied that saying Sfaradim are "Non-European Jews" means "non-white". It is false that all Non-Europeans are non-white. The original inhabitants of The Middle East and North Africa were all white as are Arabs today other than the mixing with Schvartza Kushim that you mentioned.

Yacov Menashe Ben Rachamim,
Chief Administrator.

P.S. I enjoyed your answer to the question about Mr. Rogers and I thought it was a funny, entertaining, and hilarious way to answer it. Your schvartza jokes are what turns so many people on to JTF. If it wasn't for your jokes about Carl McCall and Al Sharpton, I wouldn't have gotten hooked on JTF. I used to just visit occasionally but I never listened to the show because I thought my old computer couldn't download it but when I got a new computer, I started to listen. That was when I was visiting The United States in 2002 while I was living in Israel. When I came from Israel, I liked to joke about blacks and that expanded even more when hearing your shows and I was thinking about that episdode of Carl McCall peeing in the elevators and the hallways of the housing projects all day long, every day. When you come back from Israel, it really hits you because the first thing you see in the airport is all the blacks working there the minute you step out of the airplane. I heard the same thing from a JTF fan I met in Jerusalem. If it wasn't for the shows, I would have just come back periodically like I used to do with other Kahanist sites. I also became a regular on a little later because David HaIvri said I should go there to ask questions because I was asking him. I was in contact with him because I bought The Haggadah of The Jewish Idea from him. That was before he was banned from and before he started Revava. Now with this forum, people can contact you directly. Before if I wanted to know something about Kahanism, I had to ask HaIvri and I once even contacted Bill Maniac and they gave misinformation about you. Even when I contributed to JTF, you never answered the particular questions I had about your dealing with Kfar Tapuach Kahanists. Finally, Jimmy Sullivan explained to us all on the forum your stance on other Kahanists and that was at the same time you exposed "JDL" and Bnei Elim. Bnei Elim sends me stuff in the E-mail too as does HaIvri. I don't think Maniac knows that I run this forum because he sent me a personal message telling me about Bnei Elim because I had contacted him when he was the head of "JDL" because I thought he was a "Kahanist authority". Now people won't make those mistakes because we have this forum.

I first found out about JDL in 2000 on Yahoo Chat from Yoel. He spread the word to me for which G-d will bless him. He told me in a private message on Yekutiel's forum to start this forum. Without him, I wouldn't have ever started it so he deserves credit too. He never joined the forum himself though until later on and then I made him an adminstartor. It also took him a while to join the new forum and then I made him one here too.

Hi chaim, I have been listening to you on the computer since I was 17 which is over 3 years ago. I agree with you on everything you have ever said . I have heard you say many times that it is important to learn Hebrew before going to Israel. I am currently enrolled in a NYC college and I only know a handful of words in Hebrew, although I read and write the Aleph Bais perfectly. My question is, what is the easiest way to learn to speak Hebrew fluently. Also a few people I know went to protest when the islamic excrement from Iran came to the US a few weeks ago. While there they encountered the Neturei Karta.  Somehow they got the home telephone number of so called "Rabbi" Moshe David Weiss who is a major figure in this crazy group. I speak Yiddish fluently even though I am no way chasidic so I prank called him and told him some things in Yiddish that are so bad I wouldn't even want an honorable person like yourself to have to read such things written down.  I was gonna post this animals number on the jtf forum so everyone can call continously and not let him have any quiet but I wanted to know what you thought about it first.  Thank You and be well.   (Also I love all the stories you tell about your experiences with shvartzes)

This topic was its own thread and was moved into Ask JTF by Yacov Menashe Ben Rachamim last week even though En Aravim En Piguim already posted something. Yacov Menashe moved it on to the new Ask JTF when this question and the next one were ignored at the end of last week's show. The administration requests that the great Chaim Ben Pesach answers it.

If bandwidth is the problem, why not convert the files into smaller mp3's? I believe this has been brought up before, but it is something that will help JTF immensely. We could put them into nice and neat little categories...

Dear Chaim,
       Thank you for answering our question every week. My question this week is do you know of any hard core leftist leaders who did teshuva and became Kahanist? If so what caused them to stop being evil and do teshuva?

Also, since you have such a talented webmaster have you considered using him to create a first class site for the Hazit party?(whose web site seems to be down anyway)

Shalom Chaim. There has been a good deal of discussion about the type of protection that Rabbi Kahane had. My father told me that Rabbi Kahane was offered police protection but turned it down. Is this true? If so, why would he turn this down? Not having the police protection that he had definitely helped to enable that Al Qaeda piece of chara, El Sayyid Nosair, (may his memory be desecrated and defecated) to assassinate Rabbi Kahane. When that schmuck from Jews against Zionism, at the National Press Club, was able to get right next to Kahane and pour a big cup of red dye all over him, why didn't this serve as a wakeup call to him that he should get much better protection and security? As much of the great things he accomplished, I'm sure we can all agree that he would be worth a whole lot more today alive than dead. I don't mean to pass judgment on him. I'm just asking, wasn't there more that Rabbi Kahane could have done to protect himself from this type of attack?



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