Author Topic: Eight Great Deceptions of Planned Parenthood (Not The ONLY 8 Though)  (Read 1671 times)

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-  The following "Eight Great Deceptions of Planned Parenthood," taken together, comprise one of the biggest lies ever perpetrated upon the American public. This lie continues to deceive the uninformed and the unsuspecting. (Excerpted in part from a 1994 CR Ministries publication.):

(1) Deception: Planned Parenthood claims to advocate the freedom of women to choose if and when they will have children, without government interference.
Fact: From the beginning, Planned Parenthood has sought mandatory population control measures. Over the years it has proposed our government implement "compulsory abortion for out-of-wedlock pregnancies," federal entitlement "payments to encourage abortion," "compulsory sterilization for those who have already had two children," and "tax penalties" for existing large families.

(2) Deception: Planned Parenthood claims to serve the needs of poor women and low-income families.
Fact: Planned Parenthood has always targeted minorities, the unwanted, and the disadvantaged for family limitation, contraception, abortion, and sterilization. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger's "charity" was "to eliminate the stocks" that she felt were most detrimental "to the future of the race and the world."

(3) Deception: Planned Parenthood claims to be a privately funded, non-profit family planning organization.
Fact: Planned Parenthood helps ban families, not plan families. As an association of over 300 separately incorporated organizations worldwide, a vast portion of its funding comes right from American taxpayers' pocketbooks. In 1993 alone, almost $160 million came from the Title X appropriations of the Public Health Service Act and from 18 other federal statues!

(4) Deception: Planned Parenthood claims its system of birth control is safe and effective.
Fact: Absolutely none of Planned Parenthood's birth control systems are 100% effective -- from the pill or diaphragm to the IUD. A teen practicing "safe sex" with condoms has nearly an 87% chance of pregnancy. The Planned Parenthood system virtually guarantees women will get pregnant and in the end be "forced" to fall back on Planned Parenthood's ultimate birth control practice -- abortion.

(5) Deception: Planned Parenthood claims that it is in the forefront of the battle against sexually transmitted diseases.
Fact: Through Planned Parenthood's distribution of non-barrier birth control contraceptives to 80% of its clients, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, hepatitis, granuloma, chancroid, and even AIDS are being encouraged. Recent studies indicate the use of Planned Parenthood-favored birth control devices may actually enhance the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

(6) Deception: Planned Parenthood claims that sex education is a necessary and effective means of preventing teen pregnancies.
Fact: Planned Parenthood's sex education programs have backfired, actually increasing teen pregnancies. A 1986 Louis Harris poll of teens who took "comprehensive" sex education have a 50% higher rate of sexual activity that their "unenlightened" peers.

(7) Deception: Planned Parenthood claims its efforts to provide abortion services have at last removed the specter of dangerous back alley abortions from our land.
Fact: Abortions may be legal, but they are not safe. A UCLA study by two obstetrical and gynecological professors conclude "abortion can be a killer." Other complications are at least partially responsible for the steep rise in female medical care costs over the last decade.

(8) Deception: Planned Parenthood claims that its birth control, sex education, and abortion juggernaut is essential to control rapid population growth.
Fact: Instead of worrying about Planned Parenthood's "population bomb," many researchers are concerned about a "birth dearth." Fertility in the U.S. has been steadily declining for two decades. The worldwide birthrate is now falling faster than the mortality rate for the first time in recorded history.
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