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Baruch HaShem, 4 New JTF Videos (11/13)

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Chaim Ben Pesach:

(Annapolis Summit Endangers Israel's Survival)

(Ron Paul's Nazi Connections)

(Albanian Muslim Terror Endangers America And Europe)

(The History Of Nazi Croatia)

Please rate, favorite, subscribe and comment on these videos. All four videos are on different new youtube channels.

Also, fasten your seatbelts fellow JTFers! Some of these new videos may draw a strong reaction, including another invasion of our forum. In any event, these strong reactions increase our visibility, and ultimately, increase our membership as well, G-d willing.

Hail Columbia:
Great work, Chaim!

Chaim, you did a great job with these videos. 

I read on another blog that Don Black of StørmFrønt contributed money to Ron Paul.  And when this blogger pressed Ron Paul's people about whether or not they were going to accept the money, he was told they haven't decided yet. 

WOW! It's Great to See Chaim Back on YT.  O0

I see you took all 4 of my suggestions for the next videos.

Great minds think alike!  ;D


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