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Baruch HaShem, 4 Powerful New JTF Videos (11/23)

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--- Quote from: Ze'ev Jabotinsky on November 23, 2007, 03:50:30 AM ---I think that LiveLeak is starting to censor us.  Chaim said he had problems uploading there earlier, and when I attempted to upload all 4 videos I got a message from an admin who told me to: "Stop spaming us my friend, one a day we can handle, if you keep it up we will reject each time"

He rejected two of the videos for public view, meaning people can't search for them or find them, and the other two videos are pending approval so they will probably be rejected as well. 

--- End quote ---

If they are competing with youtube, why don't they want the extra hits?

I doubt they cannot afford their current bandwidth.


--- Quote from: Ze'ev Jabotinsky on November 23, 2007, 03:53:34 AM ---The admin just sent this message:

"Don’t make our show your political agenda, I'm on your side but the consensus of opinion regarding so many videos on such sensitive issues in such a short time is wearing us out, your choice. Don’t make an enemy."

It doesn't look as though JTF will be accepted at liveleak.  They're censoring the videos even more rigorously than YouTube! 

At least YouTube lets the videos on for a while until people complain, the live leak admins are censoring the videos before anyone even gets to see them!

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WOW!  >:(
Their loss! Those Bolshevik fools!

There's a Christian version of Youtube.  I think it supposedly focuses on theology. 

JTF could add an aspect to that site that doesn't focus primarily on theology.  Instead JTF videos could be posted there so potential JTF supporters there could learn about important issues.

I'm not going to spell out the name of the site as you'll see why, but the name of the site could be found in the headline of the following article:

To avoid typing out the name of the site that's in the article, you could try highlighting the link and then copy/pasting it into the web browser.

great videos

Amazing videos! 5 stars.


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